The ONE Key Weight Loss Guideline That’s Worked For Years On The EET Timing Diet

need it eat it if not dont

Of all the EET Guidelines, there is one in particular that most successful EETers credit for their long term weight loss and fitness success:

Need It? Eat It!  If Not, Don’t

 The challenge to make this Guideline really work for you is to learn what the word NEED means.  Diet and exercise gurus say you don’t need ANY foods with sugar or that are processed, or that are high in fats, etc.   If we define NEED as what you truly need to survive, then you’ll do just fine on a diet of lean turkey breast, broccoli and 1-2 other veggies and a glass of water, for every meal, forever.  Even the most restrictive diet and exercise gurus can’t restrict themselves that harshly, so who are they to tell you what YOU need?   EET has developed a far more realistic definition of what need means on a diet, and it’s incredibly flexible.  Why?   Becauase our needs change as time goes by (they can even change during a single day!), and we want to be on our EET Timing Diet a very long time!

The impact of this single Guideline has been very dramatic for many EETer’s who have been successful for years.  They no longer feel they have lost control and  have to finish off that bag of chips in a haze of guilt and self-created carb addiction because they “broke my diet” and will swear off chips forever tomorrow (again).   If they don’t need it, they can stop anytime, because they know they can eat more whenever they DO need it. How different is that from the life of the yo-yo dieter?  Speaking from 20 years experience, very.

This Guideline can be so powerful I call it “EET’s Golden Rule”.  It’s so helpful,  I think of it as a rule even though EET has no rules!

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(Check out several Guidelines along with the list of EET’s Guidelines for FREE in the Look Inside Section of EET’s Book HERE):


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