Competitive Timing Making U Fat, Ruining Your Life – EET Says STOP!

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If dieters who are struggling could get in my head for 5 seconds they would see the world of weight loss and fitness very differently. Instead, I get a steady stream of communication that reads like these (altered to protect confidentiality)

I’m happy with my life but I am also the most miserable. I have GOT to lose weight starting today! 

I’ve gained it all back! I am miserable.

I yo-yo’d in a big way but was too embarrassed to ask for help.

PLEASE get me started on weight loss again! 

I lost my way…I was too ashamed to discuss it, I just shut down.

Despite how these dieters feel, they are far from alone.  In fact, they represent dieting in the real world and way more common than happy dieters!  You see all the happy facebook posts from vacations, from ballgames, with family. But for far too many, there’s also a much darker, painful side that most suffer in silence.  I am sure for each one who courageously shares their struggles there are at least 10 who are struggling more that won’t.  Why not?  From my experience it all comes down to one reason:

They are sure they know what they need to do, they just need to DO IT.

And this single thought is ruining their lives.  Why?  Because it makes them COMPETITIVE in their efforts.  This attitude convinces dieters that weight loss and fitness is a competition that somehow is won or lost and has a beginning and an end.  It convinces them that they can pick and choose when to enter “the game” which is always when they are “motivated and ready”.  At that point they will once again START focusing on their weight and fitness and relationship with food as if such focus is optional–EVER.  

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The Nightmare Of Competitive Timing 

EET is all about Timing and we have shared the 8 Types of Timing we’ve discovered.  I use seven of them daily, but I NEVER use COMPETITIVE TIMING.  Why?  Because, 20 years of trying to compete with my body’s desire for amazing food just to lose weight caused 25 lbs of weight GAIN and I was miserable!  I don’t claim to have all the answers, but here are some FACTS that should be meaningful to those who love to “compete” that are interested in long-term results:

I DON’T know what I gotta do, and I certainly don’t need to force myself to “just do it”.  I need to constantly learn what to do to continue to succeed

I DON’T fight my eating urges EVER — I use EET Timing to give in immediately or find another time to give in.

I DON’T enter competitions (marathons, crossfit, other short term challenges) or arrange activities that I don’t truly enjoy because it might help my weight loss and fitness efforts.  

The day I gave up on competitive timing,  I started on a path to a high level of success that has lasted longer than most super competitive dieters will ever see–and I’ve never struggled!  But I always remember I still have a long, long way to go.  This game never ends and I sure as hell don’t want to be competing all the time!  

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For dieters who are struggling — the above thought from this recent post is letting you get in my head for 5 seconds.  Is it possible for you to see the world of weight loss and fitness very differently?   


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