At LEAST 100 Low Carb Sandwich Options For Weight Loss, Fitness on The EET Timing Diet

verde farms burgers 5 min

If you’re trying The EET Timing Diet and thinking “There’s only so many EET Sandwiches you can eat you know!” That sounds like a BETTER FOOD problem to me, and this post will give you tons of options to help you solve it.  Note:  I’ll be adding even more ideas at The EET Community than the many that are in this post.  Join us there if you like–it’s FREE!

THE EET SANDWICH EXPLAINED (HUGE 5 Minute Meal EET Sandwich menu below!)

First some background.  The EET Sandwich is a sandwich YOU ENJOY (make a note!) that strives to meet the following guidelines:

  • Low Carb (use under 20 net carbs for discussion but it’s flexible–I don’t even count low carb veggies for example)
  • Low Calorie (use 300 calories but that’s flexible)
  • Low Fat As Possible (use under 30% calories from fat but it’s flexible — DON’T GO BY NUMBER OF GRAMS OF FAT–EVER!! That’s meaningless!  With 300 calories in the sandwich how many are from fat?  Nutrition labels provide this info, but it’s easy to figure out–just ask 🙂  The lower the fat the better.
  • High in Fiber (use over 5 grams of fiber but that’s flexible) — more is better of course.
  • Includes plenty of low carb veggies for the antioxidants (my go to veggies are onions peppers and spinach but it can vary.  I use broccoli slaw for my pork sando and sauteed zucchini for my eggwhite omelette sando to name a few examples).

EET sandwiches are great because they are usually a lot of food,, and typically meet EET’s Nutrition Meal Guideline of 10-5-1-1 all by themselves (see EET’s FREE Personal Training Guide for more on 10-5-1-1).  EETers can eat them at any meal, as they fit EET’s Timing Guidelines all day and night long, so they are truly THE go to food for many successful EETers.

tumeros wraps


So that’s what EET Sandwiches are.  Now, if you hope to succeed on a diet (even a TIMING Diet) for years, it’s probably more important to know what EET Sandwiches are NOT:

They are NOT just Chicken or Turkey breast rolled up with dry spinach on a sawdust like low carb wrap you can barely stomach.  3 Times a Day.

But, if a lifelong deprivation dieter is “too busy to diet” they often treat low carb meals like gruel being slapped on a plate in their jail cell.  And, to them, that is what The EET Sandwich becomes.   Too many times, these are the same dieter’s who will seem to find all the time in the world to relax in a restaurant eating all kinds of foods they wind up thinking “wasn’t so great” or spend 6 hours slaving over the perfect Fettucini Al Fredo with homemade garlic bread and all the trimmings during their high carb meal times.  

Then they wonder why they struggle!  It doesn’t have to be that way.

eet sandwich board


EET has Guidelines to help end this spartan approach to dieting.  #4 Don’t Enjoy It, Don’t Eat It might send the right message, but there’s also, #21 Use Endless Variety to Stay on Your Diet-ee, and #25 EET’s 5 Minute Meals, not to mention the Guidelines detailing EET’s Timing Principals which offer.

So take a look at the menu above.  This is a PARTIAL MENU of options I choose from every time I want to consider an EET Sandwich.  EET has covered most of this with clients and on our webinars so most EETers have seen this stuff before.  Why do they end up thinking they have no ENJOYABLE EET Sandwich variety?  I can’t answer that.

Also, note that EVERY ONE of these options can be prepared in about 5 MINUTES start to finish.  I have an equally long list of options for EET Sandwiches that can be made more “gourmet” if I have time for more prep like pulled pork, tritip, salmon burgers, or pEETza, etc.  

low fat sausage sando

I enjoy my lean corned beef, low fat sausage, BBQ pork and beef EET Sandwiches so much I often choose them as the entree for my high carb meals!  Maybe I’m just lucky I love these low carb, calorie and fat sandos so much–you know me, I’m such a “whole foods” kind of guy :-).  Or maybe I scratched and clawed to find foods, toppings, breads and wraps I love for all times of day because I know that BETTER TIMING + BETTER FOOD = BETTER RESULTS and my years of maintaining my weight and fitness are directly related to my love of the awesome EET Sandwich!  


better timing better food = better results

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EET also strongly recommends you read our previous two blog posts before diving in to The Guide, to get the best possible introduction to The EET Timing Diet:

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