My Binging on Chocolate, Candy and Potato Chips : Obesity Cause AND Cure

Reeses Orange Peanut Butter Pumpkins Chocolate New Halloween Holidaze

Since Halloween, I’ve been binging on candy courtesy of our trick or treat leftovers and a successful 50% off shopping spree the next day. We have a house full of candy and it just keeps calling my name.  

This is not the first time I’ve dealt with binging on candy since beginning my unrestricted EET Timing Diet years ago.  I clearly remember the Malt Ball Easter Egg Massacre of 2010, and the Junior Caramel Christmas Scare of 2012 (got a CASE for a gift!) but I thought I had progressed past that.  But now, there’s a bag errrr….half bag of bizarre looking orange colored Reeses “chocolate” pumpkins smirking at me saying “wrong again, buddy!”   

This situation is a potentially huge problem.  It threatens to destroy my weight loss, fitness, relationship with food, and of course my reputation as a fitness consultant.  But, I also see it as a great opportunity to share how I rely completely on my EET Plan to deal with every situation, especially the most serious challenges.  



Nearly 7 years of unrestricted eating while maintaining my weight loss and fitness has taught me there’s a lot that goes into managing food on a long-term basis.   I ACCEPT THAT.  I guarantee you that’s my greatest strength, and my best hope to survive serious threats to my EET plan.   Most dieters refuse to face this reality.  They go into massive denial and promise to “go back on” their diets later, or mistakenly think the only strategy for success is to fight the urge to binge on foods they enjoy.  We’ve seen the results of that approach–massive failure.  Plus, the weight loss and fitness industry isn’t doing any favors by blaming the obesity crisis on certain foods that must be avoided at all costs, with the poster child being refined sugar which is the central ingredient in almost all candy.

So step 1 for me is to ACCEPT THE REALITY that I am currently faced with a very serious and complicated challenge to my EET Plan, that must not denied or ignored.   I am prepared to devote as much EET LEARNING TIMING  as needed to develop and successfully execute a solution:

My happiness with my weight, fitness and relationship with food are at stake — what could possibly be a higher priority – watching the elimination battles on “The Voice”??!! 

I know from years of experience and working with hundreds of clients, the answer will defnitely not be as simple as “put down the fork” or “eat healthier” or I would be well past this after 6 1/2 years of successful dieting and there would be no obesity crisis.  But I openly acknowledge I am not past the urge to binge, and there is, without question, a very serious obesity crisis worldwide.


STEP 2   What exactly is binging

STEP 3  “Proven” strategies I will try to avoid 

STEP 4    What has worked before

LATER:  What do potato chips have to do with my binging?




better timing better food = better results

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