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m m s candy corn

 Candy Corn Flavor M & M’s are absolute garbage, but that didn’t stop me from binging on them.  What does my precious EET Timing Diet have to say about that sort of behavior?

Yesterday I told you I rely completely on the Timing Principals and Guidelines of the EET Timing Diet to help me deal with binges.  In this series I want to take you step by step through EET’s approach to managing binges.  Yesterday we reviewed Step 1 Facing Reality.  Now, before we go further I feel it’s critical that you understand EET’s definition of a food binge.  

The dictionary defines a binge as: a short period of time when you do too much of something.  That definition doesn’t work for me.   How short of a period?  How do you define too much?  So, EET developed a much more clear definition of binging that helps me recognize and deal with times I’m struggling with the urge to binge:

Binge:  When my eating of food crosses The Line In The Sand.  What’s that?  Here you go:

line in the sand


EET’s basic premise is that we only need minimal food for survival and nutrition so most of the food we eat is for enjoyment, though most yo-yo dieters dread eating decadent food and feel guilt and later regret like they are stealing from the church offering plate instead.    Note that EET’s premise is the origin of EET’s helpful Guideline #4  Don’t Enjoy It?  Don’t Eat it!  With that definition in mind, we move on to Step 2:

thrifty choc chip


1/2 carton of this ice cream is a common portion for me in one sitting.  But it’s NOT a binge on my EET Timing Diet


STEP 2 Learn How To Define And Identify Your Binges

Using EET’s Line in The Sand definition, it’s possible for me to binge eating very little food.   On the other hand it also allows me to routinely eat 1/2 carton of this awesome ice cream during a meal, without binging.  Make sense?  Basically it’s saying that binging starts at the first bite of out  control eating.  By defining binging this way, the red flag goes up much earlier, and action can be taken to minimize the damage.  With EET, binging is not something limited to mega obese people sitting in their pantries eating everything in sight, and that’s a good thing because dieters of all weights would like more control and less guilt about their food and portion choices.   Let’s break down one of my recent candy binges so you can get a better feel for how EET’s definition works.  It went down like this:  

Mrs. EET brings in our stash of 50% off candy and I grab 2 Orange Pumpkin Reeses Cups.   As soon as I finished the 2nd Reeses I had the overwhelming urge to inhale the entire stash.  Somehow EET’s Guidelines that are normally so helpful seemed to go right out the window and soon I’m scarfing down 2 Snickers Almond Bars and 6 Rolos.  Now the fire is stoked and I’m on the prowl for much more candy.  This sort of completely out of control eating was common during my 20 years as a yo-yo dieter.  Now, using EET , I’m usually so focused on enjoyment of my food that I’ll automatically think twice before every bite to make sure it’s worth it.

But that didn’t happen here.  After my Snickers and Rolos something extremely rare happend to me.  I ate something I absolutely do not enjoy.  I reached into the open bag of M & M Candy Corn flavor, took a handful, and shoved it into my mouth.  I hadn’t even swallowed them when I realized I was getting no enjoyment whatsoever from this candy and was now officially binging per EET’s definition.  It was bad enough I don’t enjoy these mutated M & M’s (they taste nothing like candy corn!), but I also know there is NO AMOUNT of those M & M’s that would ever satisfy me.  

line in the sand 2011

The Line in the Sand Concept has been helping EETers who do their Learning Timing since 2011 — shown here on a 2011 EET Webinar Slide.  

The good news is my years of practicing The Line In The Sand kicked in at that moment.  I realized the line had been crossed and immediately stopped eating any more candy.  That binge was over without too much food eaten, but the big question was, for how long?  Would I come racing back and attack the candy stash later that night? The next day?  I’ll admit that those candies (except the lousy M & M’s) are some of my favorites and I soon started feeling overwhelming cravings to eat more.  A LOT more.  Using my EET Timing Diet’s Line in the Sand had worked, but the 20 year ex yo-yo dieter in me knows the binge urge when I feel it.  Despite my short term success, I knew I still had some pretty serious cravings for candy.   

So, what could I do to prevent more binging?  




STEP 2     Learn How To Define And Identify Your Binges


STEP 3  “Proven” strategies I will try to avoid 

STEP 4    What has worked before

STEP 5    Should dieters be expected to NEVER binge? 

LATER:  What do potato chips have to do with my binging?




better timing better food = better results

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