3 Science Backed Strategies To Stop Binge Eating Using Music The Who, Springsteen, More


WARNING – Most dieters are not prepared to attempt the strategies to stop binging (or any overeating) you are about to read.

  They insist that pain and suffering are necessary for anything related to weight loss, fitness and even eating foods they love.  However, science taught me these strategies should work and they have worked for me for many years.  They are as pain-free as they seem.   However, they can be dangerous in the hands of a yo-yo dieter so I cannot currently recommend trying them.  Instead I recommend mastering Steps 1 2 and 3 covered in previous posts as a starting point.

All EET Binging Strategies Rely on Carefully Selected Foods and Music I Enjoy

Binging occurs because of what you’re focused on in the moment.  The obessive focus on eating massive (or any) amounts of food you’d prefer not to eat is likely triggered from one specific region of your brain.  Proof of this is simple.  If you’re binging and you get a call that you must rush to an emergency for a family member, you will stop binging and take action on the emergency because it’s a higher priority.   So EETs goal is to activate more areas of your brain at this key TIME (in the moment) to compete with the urge to binge or overeat, but without harming family members!  We want to succeed in a PAIN FREE WAY.

Food choices vary by strategy, but it’s proven that music wakes up massive brain function over and above normal thinking.  Therefore, I simply find a song I enjoy that sends a positive message and compliments the food strategy I’m using in the moment during eating challenges.  Food and Music are a powerful combination that I want working for me when I’m faced with an eating challenge!  They allow me to think more clearly, make more logical decisions and usually prevents the binge or stops it very quickly.  Here are details of three strategies to show you what I mean:

 Strategy 1 ERROR TO THE EASY (Commodores)

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EET teaches that an undeprived body + happy mind  =  end of binge urge.  I can make this formula work by going EASY when things seem most challenging. A good example of “erroring to the easy” when I feel the urge to binge is to:

Eat a lot of food right at that moment using 50-25-5-5.

 50-25-5-5 is EET’s 10-5-1-1 (Guideline #18) turbocharged.   I allow myself all the candy I want after I eat a huge meal full of foods I ENJOY that I have no desire to binge on.  Please don’t be like a yo-yo dieter and think it’s all turkey and broccoli.  When candy is the problem I eat  protein, fiber, veggies and water, but I also want other BETTER FOOD that I enjoy.  Dealing with my current urge to binge on candy has included very satisfying portions of ice cream, cakes, and other treats like slurpees.  And, of course, I can still eat candy.    In fact, I normally have a decent portion of candy at the end of the huge meal.  I don’t want to feel deprived, ever.  I want things easy so I can think clearly!  It’s the thought process during the meal of deciding what candy I’ll enjoy that I’m after.  I’m in control.  That’s far more important in that moment than any weight loss or nutrition considerations.

Whenever there’s an urge to binge, I want to remember to ALWAYS error to the easayyy – ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh………

 Strategy 2  SUBSTITUTE   (The Who)


How do I prove to myself that binging is a relic from my 20 years of yo-yo dieting and is completely unnecessary on The EET Timing Diet?  I remember that my urge to binge is BRAND SPECIFIC.  

After my recent binge, I  took a pic of the candy shop shown at the top of this post.   It’s walking distance from my house.  Candy everywhere!   I better stay out of there, right?  Wrong!   I don’t enjoy any of the candies they sell like taffy and fudge and especially stuff like licorice and wouldn’t eat them even during a candy binge.  How is that possible?  They are candy, right?  I’m binging on candy that’s loaded with the same sugar and carbs, right?  So if it’s not the sugar or the carbs, it must be the chocolate then?  WRONG.  I could pass on chocolate Hershy bars and regular M and M’s if I hadn’t eaten in a week.   Peanut and Almond M & M’s are dangerous for me though.  There’s no doubt it’s only particular BRANDS of candy that set off my urge to binge!

Even with all my great EET tools like The Line in The Sand, I tend to lose control over specific candies (as well as certain other foods) which I now call Kryptonite:

Kryptonite:  Foods that contribute to weight gain and reduced fitness far more than the joy I get from eating.

So EET’s Substitute strategy offers a simple solution – I look to substitute other candy for kryptonite candies when the binge urge occurs using two other EET tools: The EET Satsifaction Score and The Search (see Guideline #4 of EET’s Book)!

 Some specific candy substitutions  that work consistently for me (after a LOT of testing and practice) are:  4 Coffee Rio hard candies or 3 Werthers hard Caramels, and if I need larger portions of candy I can eat a moderate sized package of Pnuttles with chocolate m and m’s without no urge to binge on them whatsoever. Eating these specific candies and portions usually ends my desire to binge on the kryptonite candies as well because of their high EET Satisfaction Scores.

candy basket  

Strategy 3  I CAME FOR YOU (Springsteen)

 This is seriously advanced EETing strategy that I still haven’t mastered, but I hope to someday.  I won’t go too in depth but here’s the concept.

 I go right into the fire.  When I feel the urge to binge,  I define how much candy I think will satisfy me very specifically, by brand and quantity.  I then pull out the candy basket shown above and with Springsteen as my guide dive in and get the exact candy in the exact amount I came for (whistling I came for you, for you, I came for you…. :-)).  I can always go back for more, and still do more often than I would like, but it’s improving.

 The way this strategy has consistently worked well for me is a less risky version where I use my kryptonite candies as “finishers”.  I’ll eat my entire meal and then know how many Almond M and M’s I would like to eat to FINISH the meal.  I’ll always take a few extra to make sure I’ve got the best chance of staying in control and truly stop eating (aka “error to the easy!”).  I don’t mess around with Kryptonite.  You can see I’m doing okay with Springsteen helping me out because there is still a basket of candy I can share a picture of!



I know the idea of using music as part of a strategy to overcome a challenge works for more than just me.  It’s a big part of EET’s Half Marathon Training where EETers have run half marathons with fewer than 10 training runs.   You may not be ready for them today, but if you have any interest in learning more, start by mastering Step 3 which are the strategies to AVOID.  Prove you can eliminate those failed approaches and all suffering from your diet and exercise and maybe SOMEDAY you can use EET’s PAIN FREE musical strategies for binges or any overeating to smile about your diet (and exercise) more often in the future!

Hey, that reminds me of a song!  Some of my favorite EETers have used it to do amazing things –



STEP 2     Learn How To Define And Identify Your Binges

STEP 3  “Proven” strategies I will try to avoid 

STEP 4   3  EET Science Backed Strategies that have worked before


STEP 5     Should dieters be expected to NEVER binge? 

FINALLY:  What do potato chips have to do with my binging?

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