Binge Eating and Diet for Weight Loss 101 : Overeating on Thanksgiving

turkey candy

Are you uncomfortable talking about binge eating or serious overeating?  How about on Thanksgiving? 

It doesn’t end there.  I could mention Christmas “season”, New Years Day, weekly football events (used to be just Super Bowl Sunday), vacations, social gatherings and  parties, diet “cheat” days and even micro-binges like “all you can eat” buffets and “happy” hours.  But I won’t :-).


THURSDAY:  Dieting is EVIL.  Binging on heaping plates of decadent foods:  GOOD!

NEXT MONDAY:  Dieting:  GOOD!   Binging on heaping plates of decadent foods:  EVIL! 

What chance does your diet stand of long-term success when all the best times include binging/overeating and you only suffer through your diet as a necessary evil thing during times you are depriving yourself?


Is EET kidding?  “How can you encourage binging.  That’s dangerous!”  No one ever said binging or even overeating is encouraged.  EET simply includes Guidelines that make sure dieters don’t feel the need to define their diet as EVIL during these times. 

If you’re serious about losing weight and keeping it off, then a HUGE step for you is to end the negative associations with the words diet, binge and overeating.  In fact, you must get comfortable with them.  To be on a diet is a GREAT thing, if you have the flexibility to eat what you need at all times and still lose weight over time.  EET Guidelines and no rules give you this flexibility.  Binging and Overeating occur because you’re human and you love food, how is that an evil thing!  It’s simply a challenge that dieters face, and EET wants your DIET to be there to help them face that challenge, in the moment, not be a burden you feel you must run away from until you’re ready to be “good” again.  Trust me, depriving yourself of lots of amazing food on a diet is NOT GOOD – – that’s what causes the binging and overeating to begin with!!


To set an expectation that you will never binge (or overeat) again, just because you decided it’s time to go on a weight loss diet, is to set an expectation for guilt and failure leading to to yo-yo dieting.  EET teaches that Yo-Yo Must Go! (Guideilne #1)  and yo-yo ain’t going anywhere if you feel you must go off your diet to eat a lot of food, whether it’s a horrible out of control eating disorder binge, or that exact same binge you’ll actually enjoy and smile about afterwards if it happens to fall on Thanksgiving!

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STEP 2     Learn How To Define And Identify Your Binges

STEP 3  “Proven” strategies I will try to avoid 

STEP 4   3  EET Science Backed Strategies that have worked before

STEP 5     Should dieters be expected to NEVER binge? 

FINALLY:  What do potato chips have to do with my binging?

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