EETfit Metabolic Exercise Anytime Anywhere in just 5-30 minutes. VIDEO of Basics

eetfit metabolic timing sausalito

 Here’s a video from EET’s TV Show TIME to Get Fit!  introducing the basics of EET’s new and improved EETfit Metabolic Exercise. I highly recommend starting with part 2 (1:15 to be exact)  if you are anxious to get started with EET exercise.

A 2011 Research Study confirmed a lot theories I used to build EET Exercise developed in 2008.  More importantly, it clarified a few things about how our metabolism works that has allowed EET to take our exercise to an entirely new level with great new workouts and even more exercise options while still only 5-30 minutes!  Lots more on EETfit (and awesome scenery) coming soon!


Learn more about other keys to The EET Timing Diet, for FREE!

  Go to to download our FREE EET Timing Diet Personal Training Guide and learn how to love your diet– no registration, no obligation of any kind, we just want everyone to know how Timing is different!

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EET also strongly recommends you read our previous two blog posts before diving in to The Guide, to get the best possible introduction to The EET Timing Diet:

A Wildly Successful 7 Year Weight Loss and Fitness Plan – Can YOU Do EET Timing?

Proof You’re ONE THOUGHT Away From Reaching Your Weight Loss And Fitness Goals

  Questions?  Contact us at     Click here if you want to sign up for EET.

(Check out several Guidelines along with the list of EET’s Guidelines for FREE in the Look Inside Section of EET’s Book HERE):


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