Same Diet, Calories, MORE Exercise = FAT GAIN for 70% Women! New Clinical Study Fitness? Health?


A brand new Clinical Study showing FAT GAIN with more exercise can now be added to the overwhelming evidence that the Calories in vs Calories out “sacrifice based” model for weight loss is completely flawed.  The only question left is why do so many failed yo-yo dieters as well as weight and fitness obsessed skinny people continue to make the world of weight loss and fitness frighteningly like “The Matrix”:

“Most of these people are not ready to be unplugged….Many of them are so inurred, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.”

Personally, I gave up on the calories in vs calories out, sacrifice and pain are necessary for success model 7 years ago after two life changing events:

1)   A good long look in the mirror revealed I had gained 25 pounds in 20 years trying to succeed using the calorie and sacrifice based model.

2)  A good long look around the world and realizing no one else was succeeding using this model either.   A microscopic handful somehow managed to give up amazing food while endlessly exercising then acting like that’s something to be admired (it’s NOT imho), while 99.9% of obese people simply gave up their health and fitness relying on this “proven” model.


Predictors of fat mass changes in response to aerobic exercise training in women.

Exercising but Gaining Weight –

New Study Finds Exercising Could Make You Gain Weight ABC news

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I could write an endless science-based essay on how EET is not the least bit surprised by the latest study’s results while scientists continue to be baffled and somehow conclude “you just need discipline”.  I could also explain steps you could take today to break out of this pain-filled matrix.  But I won’t.  I’ve already written many.  Hell I’ve gone on TV to explain it.   It doesn’t seem to help.

The choice is yours:  you can spend time trying to spin the results of this latest study in some way that will allow you to keep believing in the current calorie and sacrifice based model of  “eat less and exercise more”, or you can step outside the Matrix and learn what science says truly has a chance of working long-term.

20yo yo behavioral factorslong term weight loss impossible eet slide

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