ANSWERS! The EET Timing Diet “Puts Science On Your Side” For Lasting Weight Loss, Fitness, Health?


The EET Timing Diet claims to “put science on your side for lasting weight loss and fitness”  With that in mind, here are 5 of the 10 answers per EET’s Guidelines to The EET Timing Diet Quiz from earlier this week.   We’ll cover the rest soon.   

3) Timing creates or controls almost every feeling of hunger you have every day.  ANSWER: TRUE!

timing controls hunger

Clinical Study Different Meal TIMING SAME CALORIES NO EXERCISE = 10 MORE Pounds Lost! 

2014 Study Confirms Timing Over Calories For Weight Loss

It’s Not What You Eat, It’s WHEN You Eat It –


4) There’s not a single food at Whole Foods Markets worth paying an extra penny for in your efforts for long term weight loss, fitness and optimal health.  ANSWER:  TRUE!

18yo yo macronutrients


Am. Cancer Society 2000+ Studies Research: What Science Says About Processed Foods, GMO’s Pesticides

5) Subway has had a greater role in the obesity crisis than any other fast food restaurant.  ANSWER:  TRUE!

food time diet killing subway

Truth About Jered and Subway, No Healthier Than McDonalds per UCLA Study

6) Ice cream is one of the healthiest foods for weight loss on the EET Timing Diet  ANSWER:  TRUE!

nutrient timing sugar


For Lasting Weight Loss Trust The Chocolate Cake TIMING Study

The Twinkie Experiment and EET’s Dilly Bar Diet – Junk Food Diets Can Work


7) Don’t eat bread during low carb meals on the EET Timing Diet.  ANSWER:  FALSE!

22yo yo all restrictive
8yo yo clinically proven




8) It’s a good idea to eat decadent high calorie, high fat and high carb desserts along with a diet soda.  ANSWER:  TRUE!

20yo yo behavioral factors

3 Science Backed Strategies To Stop Binge Eating Using Music The Who, Springsteen, More

EET’s “Science Backed” Guidelines have delivered amazing lasting results for EETers!  Feel free to ask any questions — will follow up with more answer soon!

eet iceberg

Learn more about other keys to The EET Timing Diet, for FREE!

  Go to to download our FREE EET Timing Diet Personal Training Guide and learn how to love your diet– no registration, no obligation of any kind, we just want everyone to know how Timing is different!

EET personal training guide cover

EET also strongly recommends you read our previous two blog posts before diving in to The Guide, to get the best possible introduction to The EET Timing Diet:

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Proof You’re ONE THOUGHT Away From Reaching Your Weight Loss And Fitness Goals

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