EET Timing Diet = Candy Crush Saga w/ REAL FOOD! 5 Examples For Thanksgiving Fitness Health

ice cubes

I constantly get Facebook invites to play “Candy Crush Saga”.  Online games are cool, but I prefer to play The EET Timing Diet game because I want the REAL WORLD rewards — Weight Loss, Fitness AND the Foods I love in the amounts I love!  I understand your skepticism, so here’s more on how I play just in time for the holidays!

101 situational diet

How can anyone be expected to stick with a miserable diet when the food available during weekends, parties, the restaurants, the business and vacation travel and of course THE HOLIDAYS seems so much more enjoyable!  If you are skilled enough to get  these “situational challenges” ON your diet, your chances of long term success skyrocket.   This is why EET created guidelines built to help you win the game during all those situations and more.  Below are 5 examples: 

Objective of the EET Timing Diet Game — Take on the challenge of finding ways to use EET’s Guidelines to meet your weight loss and fitness goals while eating all the foods you love in the amounts you love!  You can do it!  Good Luck!

ice cubes

Remember Ice Cubes Candies?  

Take the delicious ice cube candies pictured above.  They represent “The Enemy” to most dieters, but, without a doubt, they are part of the SOLUTION for success on the EET Timing Diet!  How?  

In the EET Timing Diet we “eat our treats to lose our weight” (our 2008 concept now proven for years in multiple clinical studies).  How could you use EET’s Guidelines below to build effective strategies to eat Ice Cubes, “put science on your side” and succeed on your diet?  You are only limited by your imagination and your knowledge of EET Timing.   Let’s start with 5 of the ENDLESS examples I can create from EET’s 25 Guidelines:  

25 EET Guidelines

1 Yo Yo Must Go –  Keep frozen ice cubes in the freezer.  Move two to the fridge first thing in the morning.  Eat them along with a low carb snack or meal YOU ENJOY at two challenging times you are tempted to eat high carb snacks or meals

4  Don’t Enjoy It, Don’t Eat It!  Use two ice cubes as a “finisher” at the end of your largest meal of the day once you cross “The Line in The Sand”

5  Half Truths About Whole Foods:  Eat 5 ice cubes for dessert after a solid 20 minute EET Exercise session along with a huge high carb meal (that also includes 10-5-1-1 which is Guideline #18) and know that offers more health (physical AND MENTAL!) benefits than any meal you could eat from a whole foods specialty grocery store without exercise.  

6 The Sweet News about Refined Sugar – The refined sugar in Ice cubes can be VERY healthy after an EETfit Metabolic Exercise Workout for Glycogen restoriation as well as muscle building and recovery.  Add 2 to your post workout meal on days you’re planning to follow the EET Metabolic Timing Cycle.  BONUS! Add 2 more right before bedtime as an optional “Emergency” snack as a further reward for your consistency in your exercise.

15 Motivation Can’t And Willpower Won’t –   Every time you feel like you want to eat a bunch of high carb foods, IMMEDIATELY grab 3 frozen ice cubes and time how long you can suck on one without chewing it up.  If you can eat 3 ice cubes without chewing you can then eat 3 meaningful portions of other high carb foods.  If you chew even once, you can finish the ice cubes but have to wait till your next planned meal for more high carb foods. ADVANCED:  See if you can take longer to suck on/eat the 3 ice cubes each time you try!

NOTE:  The food of choice doesn’t have to be Ice Cubes, it could be any “classic treat” you find through EET’s SEARCH that you love and haven’t eaten for years—searching is a GREAT part of the EET Game and trust me they’re out there!)

So, I hope you can see why I don’t accept the invites to play Candy Crush online.  I’m in the game of amazing food every day in the real world and getting real results.  Works for me–and can for you too with a little imagination–you game?


Be sure to check out EET’s Holiday Survival Guide Episode featuring my “special guests” – LOTS of amazing food and specific ideas on how to make sure you enjoy it! 🙂


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