Holiday EET Timing Diet Menu For Next Week: Oreos OUT TONS of Ice Cream IN 2 Weigh-Ins


Oreo Truffles

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving feasts!  I splurged on Mrs. EET’s amazing sausage stuffing, my favorite Choco cream pie and several of these Oreo truffles I whipped up (wanted more but they were gone quickly!).   

Now comes the hard part.  Time to give up all the amazing food and get back “on” our miserable, restrictive weight loss diets, right?  Not for me!  I know I’ll yo-yo diet and gain weight all through the holidays if I try to use willpower I don’t have to restrict my eating.  Instead, starting today I’m trusting my EET Timing Diet Guidelines by replacing the Thanksgiving decadence TIME with my “go to” anchor food — it’s ICE CREAM TIME!

baskin robbins chocolate chip ice cream

I purposely ate no ice cream for the last several days and now will replace all that Thanksgiving “kryptonite” with huge meals that include carefully timed huge servings of Chocolate Chip and Coffee Ice cream that I love just as much, along with two planned weigh-ins to help me successfully use this Timing plan to meet my weight target:

Weigh less by Friday December 5 than I did the day before Thanksgiving.  

post thanksgiving plan

No sacrifice required —  ever.   I’ve enjoyed my fill of the holiday stuff–guilt free.  Now it’s TIME for my favorite ice cream that I’ve put aside for a few days while I’m also looking forward to Christmas goodie TIME coming soon. 

What if I blow my plan and don’t meet my weight target?  It happens,  but AT LEAST I have put science on my side in managing my weight and WANT to be on my diet– I LOVE that I can stay on a diet through the holidays because both FOOD TIME and WEIGHT LOSS TIME are always part of my EET Timing Diet!     


Be sure to check out EET’s Holiday Survival Guide Episode featuring my “special guests” – LOTS of amazing food and specific ideas on how to make sure you enjoy it! 🙂


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EET personal training guide cover

EET also strongly recommends you read our previous two blog posts before diving in to The Guide, to get the best possible introduction to The EET Timing Diet:

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