NEJM Study: Diet and Exercise Denial NOT Metabolism or Unhealthy Foods is Major Cause of Obesity


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Results:  “Medical tests showed that they were consuming an average of 2,081 calories a day – rather than the 1,028 calories they reported.  ”About half of the patients refused to believe the results”, Heymsfield said. ”I didn’t get the feeling these were people who were overtly lying. Denial might be another word for it.”

The dieters also recorded any exercise they were doing as part of the study. Other tests, however, show they overestimated their exercise even more than they under-reported their eating – by an average of 51 percent.

Further tests also showed that, contrary to their belief, their metabolism appeared to be normal.

EET Comments:  Guideline #17 Grazing is the Devil

Guideline # (not yet published)  Salad Dressing is the Root of All Evil

Read the study:  Discrepancy between Self-Reported and Actual Caloric Intake and Exercise in Obese Subjects

Additional reading – source of above info:

Study’s Bad News: Some Fat People Eat Twice as Much as They Think

Study Of Overeaters’ Intake Reveals Denial Mode At Work



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