Post Thanksgiving EET Diet: NOW Is Best TIME To Test Your Metabolism


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Ever wonder why, at least for a few days,  it seems so much easier to go on a diet right after a holiday or vacation?  Oh sure, there’s the guilt, the new layer of fat and the tighter pants, but, could there be something in your metabolism signaling “it’s TIME” to lose fat?  It’s possible, and the week following Thanksgiving is the ideal time to find out.

The hormone Leptin plays a vital part in energy regulation and energy expenditure which includes, appetite and metabolism.  Even more interesting to those of us trying to lose body fat –  studies have shown that low calorie diets or fasting is correlated with lower leptin levels and that leptin is affected more by the decrease in food intake than its increase. 

Now that you understand the importance of leptin, lets answer the question you have been waiting for: What is refeeding? (We’re going to assume refeeding is what YOU did over the Thanksgiving Weekend–Did you do it right?  Probably not, but close enough for EET!) ? To be blunt, refeeding is an effort to boost back up your leptin levels with the goal of maintaining a more active metabolism and allow your body to continue to reach lower levels of body fat.  

Adapted from Refeed to Lose Body Fat   Graph at top from Dr. Stephan Guyenet. Why do we Overeat? A Neurobiological Perspective.2014.

So, now that you finished your multi-day refeed, your body is at minimal risk of “starvation mode” which puts it in prime position for fat loss.  In other words — your metabolism is telling you IT’S TIME TO DIET.  


disclaimer oct 2012
Well, first you have to read our disclaimer because now may not be YOUR best time to start a diet.  If you get the green light from your health professionals, you would begin your most effective diet plan of choice for weight loss for the week — in the world of EET that would be a strong focus on managing your carb timing (not eliminating carbs entirely!) and adding in some properly timed exercise and activities.   Weigh in at least every other day.  By Friday or Saturday morning you should be seeing better than average results in your weight loss efforts.  If you do, then it’s a great sign your metabolism is functioning well and you can use EET Metabolic Timing and other timing strategies built into the EET Timing Diet like EET Caloric Cycling to keep that weight you just lost off, and perhaps lose more (DURING the holidays no less!).

 If you don’t see better than average weight loss, then that’s a message that you want to learn and practice more EET Timing to give your metabolism all the help it can get all year long.  It can and will improve over TIME.

Of course there are other factors that could effect the scale like water weight from sodium, but if you watch your sodium intake and keep up your water intake, that shouldn’t be a problem.  Note: EET recommends a glass of water with each meal and sipping of water every 10 minutes or so, the idea being consistency of water to help your metabolism, not chugging huge amounts of water all at once – Guideline #18 Nutri-Fun with 10-5-1-1.

metabolic timing from personal training guide


Experts are always ranting about “stoking your metabolism” by eating certain foods and restricting others, and obese people are always complaining they have bad metabolism.  Neither approach “puts science on your side”.  EET does by focusing on using TIMING to HELP your metabolism as much as possible. You might have helped your metabolism more than you know with your holiday binge….errrr spluging.  NOW is the best TIME all year (for both metabolic and even more importantly BEHAVIORAL reasons) to find out.

Results this week won’t guarantee 5+ year success on a diet which is what EET really wants to teach you—but it can show you the power of LEARNING and TIMING that could be just what you need to start a long-term transformation.  You’ll never know till you try. Good Luck! 

Additional reading: – The Power Of A Refeed And Leptin!



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