2014 Brown Univ. Study: Obesity Cravings “Breakthrough” EET Published in 2011

brown univ study vs eet discovery

RESULTS:  “Participants were asked to use four cognitive strategies in random order: 1) DISTRACT – thinking about something other than enticing food; 2) ALLOW – accepting one’s thoughts and recognizing they are just thoughts that need not be acted upon; 3) LATER – focusing on negative long-term consequences of eating the food; and 4) NOW – focusing on immediate reward of the food. Participants underwent functional MRI scanning and rated their urge to eat on a 4-point scale. The results showed that the LATER condition reduced the urge to eat the most. The LATER condition also increased brain activity the most in areas that as associated with inhibition of overeating.”

“Today, this particular strategy is not currently employed in standard behavioral weight-loss treatments, yet in future studies we will examine whether incorporating this strategy into weight loss treatments may be a viable new approach for clinicians to employ”    —-Dr. Kathryn Demos, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Brown University

EET COMMENTS:  Lately it’s been looking more like Science is trying to put EET on its side rather than EET chasing science!  Note to Dr. Demos — We hope you’ll return our emails.  EET can save you a LOT of research TIME!! :-).  

 akEETdo Webinar:  EET’s 4 Step System to Face and Manage Cravings, October 2011


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Guideline #7  Lose Weight While You WAIT (another word for LATER, right?!)

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Read The Study:  Thinking About the Long-Term Impact of Your Food Choices May Help Control Food Cravings


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