HARVARD RESEARCH: Reach Weight Loss, Fitness Goals w/A Simple Score from 1-100

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If you’ve recently set a weight loss/fitness goal The EET Fitness Plan wants to put science on your side. Take a moment and guestimate your “confidence score” from 0-100 with 0 being no chance and 100 being as sure you’ll reach your goal as that your name is, well, whatever your name is :-). Now check out this Harvard research that shows the impact of low confidence in your goal. Sound familiar to anyone?


 1)     Loss of belief in your ability to reach the goal

2)     More defensive and less effort to avoid confirming failure

3)     Worry about all that can go wrong and likelihood of failure

4)     Anxiety or shame, desire to quit efforts

5)     Concern about others judging you negatively for likely failure

From Study: Goals: An Approach to Motivation and Achievement. Elliott and . Dweck Laboratory of Human Development, Harvard University 1988


If your confidence score is below 70 CHANGE your goal IMMEDIATELY. (start by breaking it down–make it shorter or easier) to get that goal ABOVE 70 and only focus on the goal that scores above 70 FORGET THE OTHER GOAL until you can score it higher–evaluate weekly and adjust accordingly — your results should skyrocket!

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