EET Timing Censored By NY Times Best Selling Born Fitness – Finally Debunks Israel Timing Study!


Say whatever you want about me personally, but don’t even THINK about messing with metabolic or behavioral timing as a proven path to weight loss, fitness and an amazing relationship with food, or we’re gonna have issues.

A few days back I saw this post on what appears to be the very popular Born Fitness blog:

Eating At Night Does Not Make You Fat   

The title caught my attention because it was clearly a post about WHEN you eat….aka timing.  So I read with great interest what the author Adam Bornstein, “one of the top 10 influencers in the world of fitness” (per his blog) had to say about eating at night.  It looked like just another fluff piece to me to convince you that you must find “whatever works for you” until I got to this bold heading:

Science Says: Late Night Eating Does Not Make You Fat

If you’re gonna make a statement like that, you best be able to back it up.  Adam tried– he cited an Israeli study that concluded eating carbs at night created more weight loss and better health.  It involved 78 people over 6 months with no follow up (that I’m aware of).  But that was it.  Apparently, to this guy, one study creates scientific fact.  I rarely bother commenting on blogs but this guy was either ignorant to a lot of scientific research or purposely misleading people about timing because, for whatever reason,  he personally doesn’t think it matters.  Plus I was sick and tired of people throwing up the ONE timing study that showed different results and decided it was time to solve that mystery too.

Anyhow–I sent the following comment two days ago — It required approval — and was never approved — I kind of anticipated this so I saved it and those interested in the truth about eating at night can read it here and now:

You might want to check on current science before making a bold statement like “science says late night eating does not make you fat”. My research and 7 years of practical experience shows the exact opposite conclusion. I don’t know all the details of your Israel study–like the nutritional guidelines of the meals, exercise involved, etc, but I can share with you 3 large scale clinical studies that show eating later is processed very differently by your metabolism than earlier eating.

Timing of food intake predicts weight loss effectiveness

M Garaulet, P Gómez-Abellán, J J Alburquerque-Béjar, Y-C Lee, J M Ordovásand F A J L Scheer april 2013 Intl journal of obesity — Harvard Participated in this study of 420 people

High Caloric intake at breakfast vs. dinner differentially influences weight loss of overweight and obese women Journal of obesity July 2013 This study was the most dramatic with early eaters losing a FULL 10 ADDITIONAL POUNDS on the same diet as late eaters.


Morning meal more efficient for fat loss in a 3-month lifestyle intervention. Jour of Am Coll Nutr May 2014

There are also many recent studies with mice (4 in just the last few months–2 by Scripps Institute and 2 From Japan) showing the dramatic effects of metabolic timing eating and exercise — both for obesity and to control or eliminate chronic disease — happy to provide them upon request.

Add to that my 7 years experience helping diabetics develop EET (Eating and Exercise Timing) Diets who have shown almost instant AND LASTING improvement in their glycemic control, dramatically reducing or eliminating the need for insulin by simply changing their timing and I think you can see that there’s a whole lot of science that doesn’t agree with your basic premise.

Jon Pearlstone, Founder
EET Fitness

PS I’ve heard about that Israel study before but you mentioning it again had me wanting to get to the bottom of it–didn’t take long….this is your version of “science?”

NOTE:  I FINALLY PUT THE ISRAEL TIMING STUDY TO REST — the findings make perfect sense now –experience tells me those who ate carbs at night didn’t eat them during the day– but those who were supposed to eat them during the day–ate them at night too!  Here’s exactly what I wrote with details….

From: Today Heath —…
“But we weren’t sold, since most research shows the the timing of your meals matters less than your overall nutritional intake. So we consulted with Alan Aragon, M.S., Men’s Health nutrition advisor, to get to the bottom of things. His take? It’s important to note that RESEARCHER’S DIDN’T TRACK COPS’ PHYSICAL ACTIVITY and OFFICERS SELF REPORTED HOW MUCH THEY ATE!!!! In other words, we don’t really know what they ate–or if their weight loss came from exercise instead of diet, says Aragon.

Let’s be clear:  The guy’s premise is not wrong.  Eating at night is NOT what makes you fat. EET advises everyone eat at night!   BUT, THE SCIENCE IS CLEAR. the food choices you make at night can make a huge impact on your weight loss and fitness efforts.  If you eat most of your carbs at night on a regular basis, you are missing out on a metabolic opportunity to lose weight, and become more fit and healthy in multiple ways–whether you exercise or not.

Sadly, you probably won’t read that anywhere but here on EET’s Blog because “industry experts” don’t want to admit they haven’t put science on your side for all these years.



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