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If you’re serious about creating a transformation in your weight and fitness, I’m going to tell you how to get started NOW in 3 simple steps – Even if you just do steps 1 and 2 you are well on your way.

1) Think about all the holiday seasons that have come and gone and how you’ve managed them–they’ve created the body and fitness and the relationship with food you have today.
2) Do not, under any circumstances, think that your new plan starts next week after the new year. You’d be better off not thinking about weight loss and fitness at all next year!

104 weekly timing plan
3)Do ONE thing today that’s a clear message to your body that you care about your weight, fitness and health NOW.  Don’t force yourself to do TWO things, and for God’s sake don’t do 50 things just because recently you feel like you’ve “gone off the wagon”. Just “phase it, don’t force it”.  Think about what you can comfortably do to let your body know you’d like to meet your target weight a week from next Wednesday, and do what seems EASIEST and MOST IMPACTFUL. Here are a few possibilities:
—- Drink water consistently –sip every 10 minutes from morning through night
—- Eat ONE low carb low cal low fat meal with ONE huge carefully selected treat vs just eating whatever at every meal (you can still do that at all other meals!)
—- Do 2 minutes of some sort of interval or circuit exercise you honestly believe you could do regularly all next year before your highest carb meal of the day.
—- Anything that changes the timing pattern that you know creates weight gain, less fitness and reduced health that does not require motivation and discipline!!

Like this idea?  Maybe obesity experts like Brown University will discover it in 4-5 years, but with EET, you can apply it today!  EET's got a million science based ideas like this and they all come back to EET's key to long-term success:

better timing better food = better results


Be sure to check out EET’s Holiday Survival Guide Episode featuring my “special guests” – LOTS of amazing food and specific ideas on how to make sure you enjoy it! 🙂


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