3 New Year’s Resolutions I Could Sell On Shark Tank For Weight Loss, Fitness And Health

shark tank

When worlds collide:  I’m reading about people’s weight loss, fitness and health resolutions all over the internet, and last night, while  enjoying the incredible Bar Bocce Pizza and Garlic Bread (the beer was eh) pictured above, I’m watching Shark Tank.  I wondered:

What New Year’s resolutions could actually sell on Shark Tank?

Research is clear that most resolutions are dead by June 1.  I know I don’t get much time to make my case so I’ll be brief–then I’ll try to think like a shark as best I can:

1)  Proof Of Concept

WON’T SELL — “I’m ready to make a lifestyle change….again”  But you’ve failed at this many times before.   If your Resolution includes the words “Lifestyle Change” -for that reason alone — I’m out!

MIGHT SELL — I’ll get my blood work tested every 90 days for the next year and post them on a blog.  The numbers don’t lie, and your willingness to be tested will keep your goals in mind and may very well produce results.

lettuce meme

2) “How do I get a return on my investment?”

WON’T SELL — Big dreams.  “I’m projecting to be half way to my goal within 3 months and I’ll be at my goal weight within 6 months.”  Even if you could do this, which most can’t, you’ll do it in a painful way you could never sustain- “it’s just too risky….I’m out”

MIGHT SELL — I’ll exercise at least 10 minutes every day through July 1.  Get past that proven June 1 date when others have long since bailed.   I’d be convinced something positive will result from the consistent exercise efforts that we can build on versus the typical suffering and starving to meet weight and fitness goals as fast as possible –an approach I’ve invested in before that cost me dearly.

wish i was thin

3)  You’re entering a VERY crowded space full of fat, unhealthy people who claim this year will be different “What’s your secret sauce”?

WON’T SELL — “I know lots of people who have reached their goals this way, and I have a group of friends I’ll be working with for support and motivation.  And we’re going to use social media to help us stay in constant communication.”

How is that “secret sauce”? WRONG ANSWER.   Sorry but throwing around buzz words like “social media” has been around for years and there’s no new trend of weight loss and fitness success.  Exactly the opposite in fact.

MIGHT SELL — I will weigh one pound less on July 1 of this year than I do today.  Now you have broken the mold of people failing by June and are actually offering something different.  

So I think the sharks would be intrigued by my New Year’s Resolutions — they’re not sexy but they are truly effective — I’m sure they would still insist my valuation is still way too high and might say even say they are not investable at this point — and it would be hard to argue with them.  Weight loss, fitness and health are resolutions where Mr. Wonderful puts it “money, and dreams of success go to die”.

A Final Reminder from EET Fitness:  Before you set your New Year’s Resolutions — be aware of this research finding:


It doesn’t have to be that way this year — lower those expectations in your New Year’s Resolutions and find out how ANY success feels by July 1–then come back and you’ll truly have something to sell the sharks!!



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