RIP Stuart Scott ESPN, New Research: Even Cancer Abandons Food Police For Health, Fitness

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One of my favorite ESPN anchors, Stuart Scott, died a few days ago at age 49.  I’m currently 51 — Why him and not me?  The guy  looked more like an athlete than a sportscaster since I first saw him in the early 90’s.  Recent features showed his commitment to fitness in the face of vicious cancer that came back 3 times before finally killing him.

So why Stu?   I have NO IDEA what sort of diet Stuart Scott followed, I just know he wasn’t obese, and that he valued his health and fitness.  I also know that since the start of the 20th century, we’ve increased life expectancy by 30 years, and yet Stuart Scott wouldn’t have died old in the Civil War Era.  How is that possible when I personally know very obese CANCER FREE people in their 80’s watching Sportscenter endlessly while eating nothing but junk foods the “food police” would guarantee you will cause cancer with a single bite.

ANSWER:  Some old guys are just LUCKIER than Stuart Scott. That’s it.  At least according to a new scientific study from Johns Hopkins.  And while these answers don’t explain everything – they can definitely help you live a HAPPIER LIFE today.

Results of the study: “…only a third of the variation in cancer risk among tissues is attributable to environmental factors or inherited predispositions. The majority is due to “bad luck,” that is, random mutations arising during DNA replication in normal, noncancerous stem cells. This is important not only for understanding the disease but also for designing strategies to limit the mortality it causes.”

EET Comments:  Science backed information like this is why I started EET Fitness in 2008.    Dieters spend most of their lives miserably trying to give up foods and portions they love believing it’s the answer for weight loss, fitness and health.  It’s clearly NOT, but that does not stop them from spending MOST OF THEIR LIVES IN A MISERABLE RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD.  Most eat 3 or more times a day.  Think about just how much time spent in misery (or denial) that truly is.

Somehow the “food police” think this misery is a good thing.   These clowns are health fanatics who feel compelled to shame or guilt us into “eating healthy” as they define it. They seem to relish smugly making your life worse–for your own good, of course.   EET is on a mission to silence the food police, because they do nothing but harm.   If you want to spend your remaining years trying to learn to hate and deprive yourself of foods that bring so much pleasure and joy, ignoring science directly to the contrary,  that’s your option. But, you have no justification EVER to play “food police” to the way others decide to eat.  Science is DEFINITELY NOT on your side.

me eating white fudge oreo

So I ask again — Why Stuart Scott and not me or so many others with our daily love of junk food?  Science says it has a lot more to do with luck than your diet.  If anything, science says cancer has almost nothing to do with your food choices, and this knowledge has led me to seven years of incredible joy eating all the foods and portions I love.  I believe everyone is entitled to the quality of life that true guilt-free eating can bring.  In fact, I now believe it’s necessary if you hope to stay happy, fit and healthy (this includes mental health which is REAL health too) for the rest of your life.  

That’s right.  1000’s of studies are piling up that prove there is nothing unhealthy about Saturated Fats, High Glycemic Carbs, GMO’s, Gluten and Processed Foods.  And now, even the food police “go to” disease used to justify judgmental views on foods many of us love , CANCER has a much higher probability of occurring because you don’t carry a 4 leaf clover in your pocket than because you enjoy 7-11 Pizza and a Big Gulp (IMPORTANT: 7-11 Pizza is really delicious, but only if you get it hot and fresh!).  

RIP Stuart Scott — you were very cool like, well, you know,  and you left us way too soon. However,  I’m hoping you can leave even a bigger legacy than you left in the sports world.  Maybe your unfair, tragic and unlucky death can convince the food police to SHUT UP.

mr eet giant donuts 3 years

Stuart said it himself “You beat cancer by how you live…have a great rest of your life”.  BOO-YAH.  I’m adding that gem to advice I follow from another cool guy who preaches guilt-free happiness, Jimmy Buffet:

If it suddenly ended tomorrow
I could somehow adjust to the fall
Good times and riches and son of a bitches
I’ve seen more than I can recall

Jimmy Buffett – Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes Lyrics | MetroLyrics

EET hopes everyone ENJOYS EVERY BITE OF FOOD, along with every moment of your HEALTH, FITNESS AND LIFE–you deserve to have it all.

Additional Reading:  Variation in cancer risk among tissues can be explained by the number of stem cell divisions  Science Jan 2015

Bad luck, not genes or the environment, cause for many cancers, researchers find


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