Why You Should ONLY do Intervals and Circuits for Exercise: Metabolic Adaptation w EET

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EET Fitness  has a new book EXERCISE: Look at it this way (coming soon).   Below we share a preview from the book–why Intervals and Circuits are your best hope for reaching your fitness, health and weight loss goals, and how EET uses them.

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Intervals and circuits deliver the metabolic message

Look at it this way….If you want your body or health to change, you must deliver a strong, consistent reason for it to change.  EET’s progressive interval and circuit routines are designed to send focused “metabolic messages” to your body to adapt to specific goals such as becoming stronger, leaner, or to improve specific health markers like A1c or triglycerides.  

 If you want to improve at dribbling a basketball, you don’t train by jogging.  The same is true for your exercise efforts.  How exactly do you want your body or health to change? What specific reasons are you giving it to make it change?  We must train for the specific transformation we’re after.

Let’s say your exercise plan is to walk around a track for an hour every day.  If you could do this consistently for a year, you’d become a much improved walker. However, it would barely help you sprint around the track even once.   That’s because the 1 hour walking exercise program delivers the message to your metabolism (what EET calls a “metabolic message”)  to adapt by improving at the skill of walking.

But, what if changed your exercise to sprinting one lap at top speed every day for a year, a workout which might take you 3 minutes?  Your ability to sprint would improve dramatically because the 3 minutes of sprinting delivers the specific metabolic message to your body to add sprinting to your life skills.  In order to meet your need to sprint every day your body would work to create metabolic adaptations that add more muscle and reduce fat.  Why?  These are both necessary characteristics needed for improved sprinting.

Plus, the benefits of the 3 minute sprinting workout wouldn’t end there.   A daily 3 minute sprinting workout would also dramatically improve your ability to walk around the track.  Probably as much or more than the 1 hour walking exercise program!  How?  Sprinting requires far more strength and cardiovascular ability than walking, and you’ll have improved both.

This example of producing more benefits in less time through metabolic adaptation is what EET Exercise is all about.  However, EET avoids the pain and risk of injury required for full speed sprinting while still producing results by applying progressive interval and circuit training in specially designed workouts that last from 1-30 minutes.

Using intervals and circuits of varying intensity (some low, some progressively higher), EET has created unique science-based exercise routines designed to send your body effective metabolic messages for your specific goals including fat loss, optimal fitness, or health markers like lower A1c or triglycerides in the shortest time, with the least risk of injury possible.

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Thanks for reading!  We really want this book to show you how to TAKE SPECIFIC ACTION to reach your goals through EET Exercise, so please share your thoughts and and feedback here, in our Facebook EET Community group or at eetfit@gmail.com.

IMPORTANT:  ANYONE CAN DO EET EXERCISE! You start from you’re current fitness level (even if you don’t have one 🙂 ) and progress from there without painful workouts and without risking injury!  EET has worked for Elite athletes and total couch potatoes!

And when I say these can work without requiring a diet — I mean it!

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