NY Times HEADLINE 2014 TIMING DIET Study is Cure For Obesity (MICE) -Uh… EET Timing For HUMANS since 2008!!

ny times timing article

As I opened my 10th email forwarding me this study, I started just copying and pasting back,

“Thanks for the article – it seems like everyone on earth will have to discover timing for weight loss, fitness and health through some other means — and then, possibly people will realize I have been doing and teaching this since 2008.  Hopefully someday EET Fitness will catch its lucky break. Thanks for sharing.”

Once again it appears researchers are nearly 7 years behind EET’s curve of learning what truly works for weight loss, fitness, health and an amazing relationship with food.  But don’t blame them — it’s taken them 50 years to start to accept that everything they told dieters they HAD to do to succeed with counting calories,  painful exercise, food group and portion restrictions, the glycemic index and SO much more was WRONG (and they haven’t fully given up on it yet–when they finally do we might actually see a reversal in the obesity and diabetic crises!)

timing study mice 2014

Results of the study:

  • Time-restricted feeding (TRF) confines food access to 9–12 hr during the active phase
  • TRF is a therapeutic intervention against obesity without calorie restriction
  • TRF protects against metabolic diseases even when briefly interrupted on weekends
  • TRF is effective against high-fat, high-fructose, and high-sucrose diets

EET Comments:  Metabolic timing is coming to a diet plan near you.  It’s likely to be when Oprah decides to try a Timing Diet as that seems to launch the public to try new things.  In any case, hopefully EET will be the leading source for answers as we have produced unprecedented results with JUST TIMING and no food or portion restrictions whatsoever for real live humans for nearly 7 years.

But, as EET predicts the future, we’ll add the following critical piece:   no matter how Metabolic Timing hits the mainstream–if you don’t learn and understand EET Behavioral Timing, you are WASTING TIME.   Hopefully that science backed key won’t take another 7 years for people to grasp–of course TIME will tell.  I’ll keep doing my thing in the meantime….


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Additional Reading:

Time-Restricted Feeding Is a Preventative and Therapeutic Intervention against Diverse Nutritional Challenges

A 12-Hour Window for a Healthy Weight   NY Times Magazine January 2015


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