EET Exercise Metabolic Strength Circuit (CircEET) 1 Minute Video – U CAN DO THIS!

strength circuit

What if you were taught to exercise by not allowing yourself to get sore for AT LEAST THE FIRST MONTH?  What if your exercise program was built not only to prevent injury but to HELP YOU RECOVER FROM INJURY?  What if your exercise routine was as short as 1 MINUTE and NEVER LONGER THAN 30 MINUTES?

What if every workout was specificially designed to get the most out of your metabolism to help you become leaner, stronger and healthier in ways that can last for years?  EET is that exercise program — it’s worked for me and for others for years and it can work for you too. Check out this 1 minute video of one of EET’s many exercise routines for an idea of how EET works.

You don’t need any equipment or gym to do EET’s 1-30 minute workouts, but you can use them if you like.  If you want to see how EET works first hand, I’m still adding a few new personal training clients! The fees are $100 initial consult and $50 per session.   I will only accept a limited number of personal training clients so if you’re interested, now is the time!  Just drop me an email at  More info on EET’s website

BookCoverPreview 1 min stretch

New EET Exercise Book Nearly Complete!

We could still use a few more reviewers, but for those who have signed up, you’ll be getting your advance copy soon.  We’ll send you an advance copy of the book for FREE if you’ll agree to review it on Amazon and Good Reads. If you’re interested please email us at  Here’s EET’s Live Longer Routine-click to enlarge:

sample workout live longersample workout live longer routine

copyright 2015  EET Fitness, Inc.  All rights reserved.


IMPORTANT:  ANYONE CAN DO EET EXERCISE! You start from you’re current fitness level (even if you don’t have one 🙂 ) and progress from there without painful workouts and without risking injury!  EET has worked for Elite athletes and total couch potatoes!

And when I say these can work without requiring a diet — I mean it!

If you have questions, comments, feedback or are interested in reviewing EET’s new book for FREE,  Contact us at

I’ll be sharing additional content and you can learn EET much more quickly by joining the discussion at  The EET Community today!   We’ve covered many helpful EET topics (go HERE to check out the discussions already in progress!):

Please read the Community Guidelines on the post in the community to help our discussion be really helpful to all!

  Questions?  Contact us at     Click here if you want to sign up for EET.


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