Super Bowl Sunday Quiz – Gonna Deflategate Your Diet? Do Weightwatchers, Nutrisystem, EET Have Answers?

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Super Bowl Sunday –where diets go to die.   Will yours?   You’ve been avoiding all those decadent foods since New Year’s (or you’ve tried), and now comes a day on everyone’s calendar where it’s a sin not to eat them.  What should you do?  Take EET’s Quiz and see if you know what the world of EET Timing would most strongly recommend:

QUESTION:  The MOST important thing about your eating, exercise and activities on Super Bowl Sunday is that you:  NOTE:  In EET’s humble opinion there is only ONE correct answer:

A)  Make a comfortable plan and do the best you can (EET Guideline #14)

B)  Set a calorie or point limit and stick to it

1. Stay away from the Hot Wings
2. Stay away from the Queso Dip
3. Stay away from Cheese Burgers & Dogs
4. DO NOT DRINK BEER – even if it says “Light” on the front of it

Tips from Nutrisystem for Super Bowl Sunday

C)  Use common sense, keep portions the size of your fist and eat in moderation

D)  Time your eating exercise and activities to get the most from your metabolism to gain as little weight as possible

E) BURN THOSE CALORIES!   Stay active — do exercise before the game and move around during and after the game

Improve your bench
Try fitting in a few exercises – push-ups or Pilates – whenever possible, Anderson suggests. Drop and do 20 push-ups or a few Pilates hundreds during commercial breaks.   Tip from Weight Watchers Website

F)  Bring healthy snacks to someone else’s house for the game

G)  Don’t go to the game so you can stay on your diet (if this is your answer, no offense but you need professional help)

H)  Feel no guilt, regret or resentment about all eating, exercise or activity decisions throughout the day

The majority of participants admitted to gaining an average of 10 lbs during the NFL Season.; however, 16 percent of respondents copped to gaining 20 lbs. of more.  The number of men’s programs ordered on the Monday following Super Bowl Sunday doubled the amount Nutrisystem receives on a normal day.    2014 Harris Interactive poll 1,283 people in the U.S.

I)  Eat only what you need to not suffer or struggle at any time  (EET Guideline #9)

J) Forget your diet for the day–there’s no hope of following it anyhow.

I’ll share EET’s answer and reasons tomorrow in the EET Community on facebook — if you haven’t joined — now might be a good time to give it a try!  If you don’t want to join but email or leave your answer in the comments with the reason why I’ll send you EET’s answer directly.


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Here’s EET’s Live Longer Routine-click to enlarge:

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And when I say these can work without requiring a diet — I mean it!

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