Fiber One: Awesome or Criminal? BOTH! For Diet / Weight Loss Sake EET Changes That NOW

Fiber one cereal grid

I love/hate Fiber One Products.  They are absolutely amazing/truly criminal and have been key foods to eat daily/avoid like the plague to reach and sustain my weight loss for nearly 7 years.  It thrills me/bothers me to no end to see Fiber One roll out new product after new product that can really help/destroy my weight loss plan.  After all, EET Guideline #21 Use Endless Variety To Stay On Your Diet-ee is key to long-term success.  But when more and more of Fiber One’s products will lead to you getting FAT/FAT, I feel I must take action.

So despite being busier than I can remember, I CREATED time (when something is truly important to you, we all can do that) to prepare the following chart to help dieters understand the differences in Fiber One Cereals and how EET Fitness feels about them as part of a diet.  I know for a fact some dieters will buy anything that says FIBER ONE on it thinking it’s a “healthy alternative” and good for weight loss.  The problem is I think FIBER ONE knows it too and they are taking advantage of dieters who aren’t as thorough as perhaps they should be in making food decisions.

frosted flakes nutrition8 krave vs kashi

I think adding these two graphics is helpful as well.  Frosted Flakes (the sugary posion that somehow ranks a A from calorie count) has lower calories and FEWER net carbs than most of the Fiber One Criminal element.  My personal fave cereal to use as a “mixer” Krave blows all of them away (except the YES! choices on the Chart above).  Don’t even get me started on Kashi (Death Row Inmate??)…

I hope you find the above charts and info helpful.  I think it’s very clear, but if you have questions or disagree please me know.  I’ll be doing charts for other Fiber One products soon because there are even more  awesome/criminal choices in their chewy bars and other products!


giant donut 2015 after

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