Neuroscientist Aamodt / Rebecca Black 3 Million Views for WORST DIET WEIGHT LOSS ADVICE VIDEO EVER! EET Fitness Vents!

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Clearly, EET Fitness is doing something wrong.  In 2013, the popular Ted speaker series featured a lengthy lecture from Neuroscientist Sandra Aamodt sharing her plight as a failed dieter.  With a questionably heavy focus on her personal efforts while peppering amongst her struggles a little brain function science to justify her failures, she has concluded that “Diets don’t work”.  No hope for future success — just eat when you’re hungry and live with the body that brings you –that’s was Dr. Aamodt’s basic message.   The audience seemed riveted and to date this video has had nearly 3,000,000 views!!!!

I have no doubt Dr. Aamodt’s lecture left a lot of dieters disappointed with her bleak view that they must accept the biological death sentence that you can’t lose weight.   And her advice to try to master emotional cravings and portion control by purely using “hunger” without utilizing the entire field of congnitive behavior therapy will leave many far worse off than they were before hearing her lecture.  But it sure didn’t stop millions from tuning in.  Maybe it’s a  Rebecca Black situation – “check out this video WORST DIET ADVICE EVER!” and people just have to check out the train wreck.  I truly don’t know.   I do know that EET’s brain function research has found a lot more helpful science than what Dr. Aamodt shares, resulting in the most important elements of our plan (EET Behavioral Timing) and has produced many multi-year weight loss success stories, though I’m no neuroscientist (which is clearly part of the problem)!

In any case, I’ll continue to hope EET Fitness’ time is coming to bring our hopeful new answers to the millions of dieters who create those millions of views every day as they continue to desperately search for answers that can bring lasting weight loss and fitness.  Maybe I need to sound a little more beaten and miserable….hell she got 3,000,000 whining about her diet failures, I’ll whine about her and see if that gets EET a few more views!

Here’s the lecture that simply restates the problem with a fraction of the information EET has told you for years, and, unlike EET who offers meaningful solutions that have worked for years,  not a solution to be found.  You can add to her astounding total views.


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