NEW FINDS: Low Carb Calorie Fat Grilled Cheese, Minestrone, Lots More For Fat Burning Times w/o Restrictions on EET Diet

grilled cheese

 Already added Turkey Ham and Tuna Melts.  With this 5 Minute receipe (see below) I’ll be adding a low carb/cal/fat Pistrami Reuben to my menu soon–very exciting!

There are three pillars to The EET Fitness Plan for weight loss and fitness success:

1) Weight loss and fitness are solved using BEHAVIORAL science, not METABOLIC science.  

Since Time is the one of the two most powerful forces to change behavior in the universe (the other is love), EET teaches how to use Time (and love too 🙂 )  to painlessly change behaviors.

2)  You must find your way to your weight loss and fitness goals eating whatever you want whenever you want it — no dietary or portion restrictions EVER– you always have COMPLETE FREEDOM OF CHOICE.  

This is the only type of “diet” that almost all of us have proven we can stay with over our lifetimes, most have simply not figured out how to reach their goals doing it-that’s where EET comes in!

3)  All exercise sessions must be limited from 1-30 minutes MAXIMUM

We’re covering the exercise part in depth with our new book Go Easy Fitness (See update below) — but today let’s talk about 1) and 2) and that means let’s talk about FOOD.

You can reach your weight loss and fitness goals if you can master timing low carb calorie and fat meals spread throughout the week.  Using EET, you never HAVE to eat low carb meals and you shouldn’t if you are gonna to be miserable eating them– that’s not LOVE or even ENJOY and simply won’t last.  Plus, there are other ways to make EET work.

However,  if you want the fastest results, low carb calorie and fat meals that you LOVE (or enjoy at least) at the right TIMES times is the most powerful way.   Here’s a short list to help with your low carb/cal/fat menus with some recent “finds” I discovered using EET’s Search


costco rotisserie chicken

1)  Costco Rotisserie Chicken Breast Meat Only – holy crap this is awesome–they take out all the skin and fatty dark meat for about 4 bucks a pound–it’s precooked and delicious!  120 or so calories with only 20 calories from fat for a 3 ounce serving and 1 carb!  Not at every costco but if you can find it, give it a try (you can order it online but it costs more)– a definite winner!

sabatinos sausages

2)  Low Fat Sausages – -there are more and more options like Sabatinis which is 150 calories with 75 calories from fat — just stay around 50% fat and keep sodium at 400-500 mg with fewer than 4 carbs and you’ve likely found a winner

costco wild salmoncostco salmon burgers

3)  Pre-cooked Salmon Filets or Grilled Salmon Burgers (not precooked–takes longer–i’ll grill 4 at a time) — Great numbers and great taste if you can find the toppings you love on them — on the grilled salmon burgers I go with an interesting combo of Asian Chili Garlic Sauce (no carbs), Dijonaisse, and a squirt of Lime along with various veggies on a low carb wrap.


4)  Harry’s Minestrone Soup (Costco) or Progresso Light Soups (Beef is best overall) — High sodium on the progresso but really great taste and very very satisfying–good portion sizes on both

5)  Pre-Cooked Pork with Stubbs BBQ Sauce (6 carbs per 2 tbls) on low carb wrap with low fat cole slaw — Love this option — carbs stay low but tons of flavor–again a bit high in sodium but not too bad with the hormel brand .

6)  Lean Cuisine Portabella Beef Tips – As part of a bigger meal — I turn it into a big sandwich with a low carb wrap–the only lean cuisine I’ve ever found where the numbers make any sense at all.

grilled cheese

7)  Ham, Turkey or Tuna Melt with Crispy Cheese Bread (45 calorie low carb sara lee bread) — Oh, my.  This is a winner big time — end up using 2-3 tablespoons of high fat cheese but talk about satisfying!   It’s a real grilled cheese sandwich (use pam instead of butter)



Turkey Sandwich loaded with low carb veggies, mustard, franks hot sauce on Low Carb Wrap (EET Sandwich) — I never want to go hungry — that’s a deprivation diet and I won’t stay with it–so I make a huge Turkey Sando with all the fixing and eat it as a second entree — if that’s what I need, that’s what I eat.



1)  Sabra Hummus for Dipping Raw Low Carb Veggies Like Broccoli –not all hummus is created equal–make sure your choice is under 60 calories and not over 50% calories from fat with maybe 3-4 carbs for 2 tablespoons

2) Green Beans with Parmesan Cheese — I cook the green beans in the microwave in water for 4-5 minutes on high then sprinkle on garlic and parm.

3)  Brussel Sprouts microwaved or cooked in bacon grease – again mostly cook in water in the microwave becasue I like them without the grease–but sometimes you need the grease–so I take them from the microwave, cut them and sautee with a piece of nearly cooked bacon for a few minutes.

5 min meals garlic aioli

4)  Low Fat Cole Slaw made with Broccoli Slaw, Spinach and Fage Greek Yogurt — If you like Fage this is a home run–if you don’t like fage, work on finding a mayo substitute that might make it work — I’ll recommend So Creamy from French’s — worth a try because this tastes BETTER than high fat cole slaw to me along with my pulled pork BBQ sandwich.



5 minute meals pnuttles

1)  PNuttles with Chocolate — Still great in a pinch — 14 carbs for a quarter cup with 110 calories — not ideal for low carb but better than what you’re gonna eat when you need these!!

2)  Fiber One Coconut Almond Protein Bars — tastes great and 12 net carbs — they have other flavors–just check the net carbs!

3)  Diet Mountain Dew – this is like dessert to me — I’ll bet everyone can find a diet soda they love for an occasional treat– Fresca’s still out there folks!!  Diet orange is also great.

black edamame

4))  Black Roasted Edamame – Got completely sick of basic roasted edamame — but love dinner sides I can eat for a while–this version tastes like sunflower seeds with solid #’s — worth a try.

4)  Boom Chik a Pop Popcorn — good portion size for reasonable carbs — definitely worth a shot to get you through a low carb night.

5)  Root Beer Float, Orange Creamsicle or Dreyers Frozen Fruit Bar — Real dessert with 15 or so carbs — just have to get past your old triggers that say now you need to eat 5 of them –remember high carb meals are coming soon–this just makes your low carb meal work now!

6)  Low Carb Wrap lightly toasted with pam then sprinkled with cinnamon — eh– when you just need SOMETHING this is SOMETHING.


recipe light salad dressing diet killer

What low carb, calorie and fat meals have you come up with that have you happy with your food at low carb times?   Salads likely won’t cut it for long (Plus, Salad Dressing is the Root of All Evil Remember??)    Granted, with EET you get to routinely enjoy all the amazing foods you love in the amounts you love at your high carb meals, but, if you want to succeed with The EET Fitness Plan’s   completely unrestricted diet for the long haul, you must come up BETTER FOOD at all times.  This includes low carb cal and fat menus you enjoy and that can be prepared easily that you WANT to eat when it’s low carb time.  Or you’ll simply be forcing yourself to eat foods just to try to lose weight, and you’ll feel deprived and miserable.   EET will ultimately feel restrictive just like any other diet, and your chances of long term success are much lower.

go easy fitness cover Boot camp

We are in the process of getting some reviews of our new fitness book, and have already gotten some great and helpful feedback we’ll share soon!

Those interested can now also take a  “look inside” on Amazon HERE –you can read the intro and contents and get a feel for the book.  If you do buy it and it’s not formatted well on your device, shoot us an email at and we can send you the PDF at no extra cost of course.

More about Go Easy Fitness coming soon.


giant donut 2015 after


Over the next several weeks, while we’re being reviewed, I’ll be answering specific questions about Go Easy Fitness and you can learn how to succeed much more quickly by joining the discussion at  The EET Community today!   You’ll likely hear from several EET clients who are successfully using the Go Easy Routines too!  Go HERE to check out the discussions already in progress!

Please read the Community Guidelines on the post in the community to help our discussion be really helpful to all!

  Questions?  Contact us at     Click here if you want to sign up for EET.


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