1st Reviews of EET Go Easy Fitness 10 Exercise Routine Book – Good and Bad

go easy fitness cover Boot camp

We’ve gotten our first “batch” of helpful reviews/comments about our new book: Go Easy Fitness from those generous enough to review it.  Here are some common review comments EET Fitness has received in no particular order:

  • The weekly schedules are great.  It’s nice to have a plan to phase in exercise spelled out week by week.
  • I can’t do some of the exercises and I’m not sure which exercises to substitute.

EET comment:  At least readers get GOING EASY and avoiding exercises that are too hard for you!  We’re going to do more videos with “beginner, intermediate and advance” suggestions and hopefully this will help.  We may add more options to the book, too.

  • Made me want to get back into exercise.  Got me started again.  It’s amazing how easy it is to blow off exercise, but the consistency tracker is a great reminder.
  • The exercises need more illustrations, however, the links to videos are helpful and a good idea

EET comment:  this is a weakness of publishing through kindle, it’s hard to add too many pictures/illustrations.  We are planning to add a companion PDF that will have more step by step pics. 

  • Really like the EET Timing options at the end of each routine.  Helps to show how timing fits in.
  • The customized plan for different goals, and telling the reader to pick ONE to start is helpful and forces you to prioritize your exercise efforts.
  • The FAQ/Troubleshooting section is great.  I was thinking almost every one of them!

EET comment:  Hmmm….Glad the trouble shooting is helpful, but don’t want readers to need all of them and not sure everyone is reading them!  Maybe more spread throughout the book as “helpful hints”?  

Check it out for yourself.  You can take a  “look inside” on Amazon HERE –read the intro and contents and get a feel for the book.  If you do buy it and find your device will not format some of the tables, shoot us an email at eetfit@gmail.com and we can send you the PDF at no extra cost of course.

More about Go Easy Fitness coming soon.


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Over the next few weeks, while we’re being reviewed, I’ll be answering specific questions about Go Easy Fitness and you can learn how to succeed much more quickly by joining the discussion at  The EET Community today!    Go HERE to check out the discussions already in progress!

Please read the Community Guidelines on the post in the community to help our discussion be really helpful to all!

  Questions?  Contact us at  eetfit@gmail.com     Click here if you want to sign up for EET.


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