Almond Binge at the EET’s – Which Won? Blueberry, Carmel Macchiato, Strawberry or Mocha #Obesity

almond binge

I really enjoy almonds.  This enjoyment in no way changes my views that almonds are a LEADING CAUSE OF OBESITY as dieters have been convinced through various diet plans and gurus that almond’s are “healthy” which somehow offsets the high calorie and fat content making them a good choice to graze on all day for weight loss.  Obesity stats tell the real story.  Many also cling to the belief almond’s “good fats” will somehow make you heart healthier than eating other types of fats despite the strong scientific evidence to the contrary.

With all that in mind, I still enjoy almonds — for one simple reason:  They taste great.  A while back Blue Diamond Almonds came out with a new line of flavored almonds (see pic above).  They were like 6 bucks a bag, so being the timing guy I am I said, “If those ever go on sale, that will be the TIME I’ll try them.”

Yesterday was that day.  Almond binge time!

I shared some with friends, but brought the rest home so Mrs. EET and I could taste test them thoroughly and determine which was the best.

After several “rounds” of taste tests, we cast our ballots — AND THERE WAS A CLEAR WINNER!

Take a guess which one of the 4 flavors was clearly the best (answer at the bottom of this post)– or maybe you’ve tried them and have your own thoughts on them.  I’ll just say this — NONE of them were as good as Almond M and M’s, but one came close — and these only have 4-6 net carbs for 24 almonds — they might find my way into my low carb meals and emergency snacks on occasion — but only when they sell for $2 a bag–not $6!

go easy fitness cover Boot camp

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ALMOND BINGE TASTE TEST WINNER:  Shockingly, it was the strawberry almonds we both agreed clearly tasted the best – I predicted they would be the worst of the four–wrong!  All were good with mocha coming in last–maybe we’re just overdoing the “coffee flavored” stuff — tons of coffee ice cream lately!


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