The Quali is Key to Weight Loss, Fitness on a Completely Unrestricted Diet That Experts Can’t Grasp

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I was a CPA in a different life.  “Not quite my tempo” as J. Jonah says in Whiplash.  I hated the job, being forced to travel on propeller planes to count fertilizer (strange but true), and was completely under the control of my bosses, who seemed to take great pleasure in making me feel like crap for every mistake I made.  Every hour seemed longer than the last.  From my first week, I felt the joy being sucked out of my life, and knew I had to find a better answer.  Two painfully long years later, I did.  I started my own employee benefits consulting business.  It was risky (wife was pregnant, had just bought our first house), but the feeling of freedom to find solutions for clients as well as my own business challenges created a quality of life that made it fun to get up in the morning.

That’s when I coined the term “quali” = 1 unit of “quality of life”

Taking a calculated risk to start my own business had more qualis short and long term than suffocating as a CPA.  Get it?

For the last 25 years I’ve made decisions based on what I truly thought could create the most “qualis” for me and my family—In other words, a better overall quality of life.  For example, 20 years ago my family moved to California from Missouri because we believed it offered a lot more qualis.  Proved to be a good call.  I’ve also made plenty of serious mistakes.  Buying a 2 seat convertible with 3 small kids for more qualis?  Not so much, but my mistakes have taught me not to be so impulsive with my qualis.

What does any of this have to do with weight loss and fitness?  Everything.  In 2008,  my weight, fitness and health were getting worse and worse thanks to years of horrible yo-yo deprivation dieting, guilt ridden binge eating, and hours of ineffective and painful exercise.  I was putting in the time and effort and seeing nothing in return.  At least I got paid $20,000 a year as a CPA, sheesh!  Now every bite of any food I enjoyed felt like a crime and I actually felt ashamed to look in a mirror with my shirt off or get on the scale.

I realized my relationship with weight loss, fitness AND ENJOYING FOOD (cause the guilt made it impossible) had no qualis!

So, despite all the naysayers,  I quit the horrible job of weight loss and fitness as experts defined it, and set out on a search for more qualis.   I want maximum qualis every day!   I think of good friends who’ve died in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and now our 50’s.    You never know how many days you have on this earth so I would like to find the most meaningful path that brings me happiness and contentment.  Not have the joy once again sucked out of my life by experts who believe forcing or shaming me into sacrificing my “amazing food and amazing portion” qualis now for some potential future qualis is the right way to live no matter how miserable it makes me.

There’s no doubt it was a risky move, but, not as risky as it seems (especially since learning the utter failure and harm caused by expert recommendations on conventional dieting and exercise).  I knew my health and ability to do the physical things I want need and love to do in my life was worth a lot of qualis.  In fact, I realized it was worth about the same amount of qualis as enjoying donuts, pizza and beer whenever I wanted them.

Now my eating and exercise plan is really that simple — In every situation I think, “Is it really worth the weight loss qualis I can enjoy this week to eat that poorly timed food now?”  or “Is it really worth the amazing food qualis to be miserable watching everyone else eat pizza just to weigh 1 pound less this week?”  Thinking in qualis reminds me that weight, fitness AND tons of amazing food are ALL important to me and helps me choose what makes sense in the moment for the best overall quality of life considering both short and long term implications –something no other diet has ever offered.

Once I gave up on the idea that I would deprive myself of the foods I love, or force myself to do hours of painful exercise just to lose weight,  it became a lot easier to wait for the right times to eat amazing food/portions for max food qualis or do a short workout routine for health and fitness qualis.  Sure, I’ve had to invest time and effort to learn about nutrition and metabolism, but that research is 100% focused on the ability to eat more amazing food in amazing portions while maintaining a healthy weight and fitness level, because that’s what matters to me.  Learning Timing (as EET  calls it) has produced BIG TIME QUALIS for me – hell it created the entire EET Fitness Plan!

I’m now 52 and seven years into my EET plan, and I still am WAY below my original goal weight.  My health readings are the best they’ve ever been as is my fitness level.  I don’t count or track anything.  I don’t even write out a weekly plan, and my EET Metabolic Timing is far from perfect.   I realize there are no guarantees, but no other “safer” plan offers any either.  So it’s an easy choice to enjoy the hell out of my completely unrestricted diet with no required exercise by seeing what happens making eating and exercise decisions simply focusing on the qualis!



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Check out EET’s new fitness book, Go Easy Fitness.   You can take a  “look inside” on Amazon HERE –read the intro and contents and get a feel for the book.  If you do buy it and find your device will not format some of the tables, shoot us an email at and we can send you the PDF at no extra cost of course.

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Over the next few weeks, while we’re being reviewed, I’ll be answering specific questions about Go Easy Fitness and you can learn how to succeed much more quickly by joining the discussion at  The EET Community today!    Go HERE to check out the discussions already in progress!

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