Kelly Clarkson Says It’s Okay To Be Fat and Happy — She’s Right

clarkson vs crossfit

Is there anyone out there who truly believes Kelly Clarkson’s life gets even the smallest bit better if she goes paleo, hits the gym and gets a new PR on her dead lifts?  Or if she takes on a new “healthy” lifestyle that makes her look like the hottie (that we admire?) above?

It’s not enough for Kelly Clarkson to be incredibly talented and an amazing role model for anyone who is chasing a dream.  According to some (sadly, many) she has to maintain a certain weight and appearance too?  Some would go further still, telling Kelly that no matter what she looks like, the right way to live is to go all organic, gluten and gmo free and of course gives up an increasingly long list of foods entirely.

Kelly says she’s incredibly happy and has an awesome life.  In the lingo of EET Fitness she has a whole lot of qualis.  Is there any reason to doubt her?   If all her other health markers are good, and she’s feeling great, I wouldn’t suggest she change her lifestyle in any way or try lose a single pound.  Now if she keeps gaining weight beyond where she’s comfortable, that’s a different discussion altogether.

It’s safe to say that Kelly Clarkson was no happier (and likely less happy) at her thinnest than she is today.  The saying fat and happy exists for a reason, folks.  Very few people can honestly say they’ve achieved it.  It looks like Kelly is one of those few.  I certainly hope so because truly being happy with your weight, appearance and relationship with food is one of the hardest things for anyone to accomplish.   Have you accomplished it?  I continue to work on it every day, so I would be the last to judge someone who appears better at it than me.

We should be congratulating Kelly Clarkson for choosing the life that makes her happiest, knowing she will face intense criticism in the public eye.  This could start a new trend of people trying to find a weight and fitness level that makes them truly happy with their body and with their enjoyment of food.  We most certainly should not fat shaming her, implying appearance is more important than happiness.  That sort of thinking, without a doubt, is a major contributor to our current obesity and health crises.

Kelly Clarkson’s bad-ass response to weight-shamers



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