New Brain Research Confirms 7 YEARS of Go Easy Fitness’ INJURY CURE Approach

brain research

Quote from Brain Expert’s latest research on Pain Management:

“I don’t believe in pain management any more. I believe in trying to cure persistent pain”

Quote from EET’s new book “Go Easy Fitness”  Injury Prevention and Recovery Chapter based on 7 YEARS OF RESULTS:

“The goal of this (injury recovery) routine is nothing short of complete recovery as quickly as possible.  We’re not trying to simply get out of pain.  Go Easy’s routine is designed to completely heal the condition and allow you to train past pre-injury levels as your pain threshold improves.   Why settle for less?”

Well, now a brain research expert has confirmed what EET Fitness already knows (though I’m always trying to learn more) and successfully practices and teaches.  Maybe you want to learn more?  Your choice–you can read the entire article from the Brain research experts and/or the Go Easy Fitness Book — links below for more.  I highly recommend both.

How your brain can heal your body: Astonishing new research reveals the brain’s ability to rewire itself can conquer pain – and overcome ‘untreatable’ illnesses

go easy fitness cover Boot camp

We are in the process of getting some reviews of our new fitness book, and have already gotten some great and helpful feedback we’ll share soon!

Those interested can now also take a  “look inside” on Amazon HERE –you can read the intro and contents and get a feel for the book.  If you do buy it and it’s not formatted well on your device, shoot us an email at and we can send you the PDF at no extra cost of course.

More about Go Easy Fitness coming soon.


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  Questions?  Contact us at     Click here if you want to sign up for EET.


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