Cardio Test To Predict Your Death Study of 58,000 – Already in Go Easy Fitness Routines! SRT, More

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Which exercise is better: Strength or Cardio?  A new HUGE study from Johns Hopkins University makes a compelling case for cardio of increasing intensity (gee where have we heard that before? 🙂 ), if living longer is important to you anyhow.  And, EET Fitness’ Go Easy Fitness Routines have you covered for BOTH strength and cardio anyhow – all in under 30 minutes!

In the study, while being watched by professionals — people who were heart disease-free, but referred for an exercise stress test completed a treadmill test called the Bruce Protocol.   Those results were then applied to a complicated (imho) formula that reads like this:

(12 x METs “metabolic equivalents”) + (% of maximum predicted heart rate) – (4 x age) + 43 if female.

“You want a positive score. If you have at least zero, your survival rate is 97 percent in the next decade, says Ahmed. In the study, scores ranged from negative 200 to positive 200. “People who scored 100 or higher had a 2 percent risk of dying over the next 10 years, while those with scores between 0 and 100 faced a 3 percent death risk over the next decade,”researchers noted. “People with scores between negative 100 and 0 had an 11 percent risk of dying in the next 10 years, while those with scores lower than negative 100 had a 38 percent risk of dying.” 


The formula is confusing and I didn’t get the impression it was easy to try at home.  EET Fitness likes things simple — so here’s our takeaway on how YOU can benefit from this new study.  Below is an example of the test of the Bruce Protocol used in the study — look it over and ask yourself how many stages you think you could make it through

EXAMPLE — are you fit enough to walk at a 2.5 mph pace on treadmill set at a moderate hill incline for several minutes without stopping –if you can great–then try 3.4 mph with a steeper incline, and so on,  If you can’t make it past stage 1 or 2–you want to work on your cardio and this study says you’ll live longer if you do!  HOWEVER–PROGRESS SLOWLY — REMEMBER TO NEVER RISK INJURY–EVER!

Stage 1        1.7 mph/10% grade/5 METs
Stage 2        2.5 mph/12% grade/7 METs
Stage 3        3.4 mph/14% grade/10 METs
Stage 4        4.2 mph/16% grade/13 METs
Stage 5        5.0 mph/18% grade/15 METs
Stage 6        5.5 mph/20% grade/18 METs
Stage 7        5.5 mph/22% grade/20 METs

Maybe someone else can explain how to test it better without actually getting a stress test–feel free to write us at and we’ll post it.

In any case the great news is that ALL Go Easy Fitness Routines including the Live Longer Routine already includes a cardio AND strength component in each 1-30 minute workout — so if you progress with Go Easy — you’ll improve at ALL the indicators to Live Longer!

Here’s more details of the Cardio Mortality Test

and below is our recent post with videos of Go Easy’s Live Longer Routine that covers the Sitting Rising Test and EET’s 10 Bulletproof Move workouts plus cardio.



It’s been all over the national news, a recent clinical study showed that your ability to do one simple exercise, The Sitting Rising Test (SRT) can be a strong predictor of your death, especially for those over 50 years old.  In the following video EET fitness covers all the details of the SRT including the science, what it really means to you, and most importantly, we provide a step by step exercise plan for how to improve at the SRT as well as other moves that can drastically reduce your chance of injury.

We can’t swear they’ll predict your death, but there’s no doubt that improving at these routines will GREATLY improve your quality of life every day!  We’ve broken up the video into segments so you can watch what interests you most:

The science and basic details behind the Sitting Rising Test (SRT)

Improve at the SRT: Go Easy Fitness’ Step By Step Exercise Routine – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced versions are shown:

EET’s 10 Bulletproof From Injury Moves Exercise Routine to reduce risk/improve recovery from injury  Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced versions are shown:

Entire Time To Get Fit TV Show (Full 30 minute Presentation covering the entire SRT/Injury Prevention Routine)

email us with your questions, comments and thoughts at


go easy fitness cover Boot camp

We are in the process of getting some reviews of our new fitness book, and have already gotten some great and helpful feedback we’ll share soon!

Those interested can now also take a  “look inside” on Amazon HERE –you can read the intro and contents and get a feel for the book.  If you do buy it and it’s not formatted well on your device, shoot us an email at and we can send you the PDF at no extra cost of course.

More about Go Easy Fitness coming soon.


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