Skinny People Get Diabetes Too. Why TIMED Stress Eating HELPS

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How can there be skinny people with Type 2 Diabetes (or who develop pre-diabetes symptoms), high triglycerides, high cholesterol and more when those conditions are all so heavily linked with obesity?   AND, how can there be morbidly obese individuals who have NONE of these problems?  Genetics definitely doesn’t explain it all.


The stress comes in multiple forms — physiological, psychological as well as metabolic.  EET Fitness has proven with diabetics and other blood markers that all forms of stress play a role no matter what your current weight, and that EET’s Timing Guidelines can deal with all forms of stress.  Here’s a few of our “greatest hits” you can check out if you like.

Doug Stops Following Dr. Mercola Tries EET Drops 10 lbs+ Triglycerides from 355 to 87 in 30 days 

Mr. EET Lowers Cholesterol 53 pts in 5 WEEKS w/KFC, Long John Silvers, More

Vicki, 55, Atkins FAIL, EET SUPERMODEL, Lost 17 lbs+ Cholesterol down 40 pts in 30 days

note:  These blog posts are from YEARS ago — ALL of the people mentioned are still successfully on EET plans–email us at if you want to contact these true LONG TERM weight loss and fitness success stories directly!

Part of EET’s stress management therapy is stress eating!  You read that correctly — people should not have a stressful relationship with food — EVER–that’s stressful, and stress is harmful.  But we don’t just randomly stress eat, either–that is also stressful.  How does EET manage stress eating?  How else — we TIME IT!

Here’s an excerpt right from EET’s book It’s Not What You Eat It’s When You Eat It

Guideline # 11  The Only Good Thing About Stress is Stress Eating

Ahhh, stress eating.  The ultimate “get out of jail free card” that allows yo-yo dieters to justify eating with reckless abandon.

You know what?  I agree!   Stress is the villain in this story, not the eating you do to reduce it.  The psychological and physical damage caused by stress is far more dangerous to your long-term goals than any food [62- 65].  Most weight-loss and fitness plans do all they can to discourage stress eating.  They might as well say, “Feel free to yo-yo diet whenever you feel stress.”  I found that approach extremely stressful.   So when I get really stressed (which is often these days), I give my body exactly what it’s asking for and embrace stress eating.  It’s always “on” my EET plan!

How have I made stress eating with EET a big part of my five year success story?   It only took one simple adjustment from Yo-Yo Jon’s guilt-ridden stress eating.   I time it.  Here’s how:

You can buy the entire book on Amazon for 3 bucks and learn how timing cures stress or we’re happy to send you the rest of this guideline for free if you email us at

And speaking of reducing stress in our weight loss and fitness efforts….

go easy fitness cover Boot camp

We are in the process of getting some reviews of our new fitness book, and have already gotten some great and helpful feedback we’ll share soon!

Those interested can now also take a  “look inside” on Amazon HERE –you can read the intro and contents and get a feel for the book.  If you do buy it and it’s not formatted well on your device, shoot us an email at and we can send you the PDF at no extra cost of course.

More about Go Easy Fitness coming soon.


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  Questions?  Contact us at     Click here if you want to sign up for EET.


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