BIG PORTIONS ARE BETTER THAN LOW CALORIES. How to Choose the Best Protein / Granola Bars for Weight Loss

Fiber one bars chart

Recently we did a post on the huge differences in nutritional profiles for Fiber One Cereals — in case you missed it here’s the table from that post:


Fiber one cereal grid

Today EET Fitness covers Fiber One Bars and related snacks (table at top of post).   Even if you don’t prefer Fiber One products, you can use this table to make effective snack bar choices.   According to EET’s Guidelines, most of Fiber One’s snacks are pretty awesome — got a few criminals in there though (especially the low calorie bar where it’s simply half the size with MORE carbs), so beware!

Whatever you do, don’t get caught up in the hype such as this Karma “healthy bar” below (top rated by Greatist–Fiber one products nowhere in sight on their list).  As you can see, in EET’s world a Fiber One Protein bar is a clearly superior choice on EVERY key number (cals, cals from fat, net carbs and protein)–unless you have Celiacs of course.

karma barkarma bar nutrition

For the rest of us, if you want to truly enjoy your food (and you life) focus on the carbs, calories and calories from fat and most importantly HOW MUCH YOU ENJOY IT.  In the case of Fiber One Snacks as well as other protein and granola bars– a big thing to remember for max enjoyment is SERVING SIZE MATTERS (see above).

I hope you find the above charts and info helpful.  If there are other foods you’d like to see a chart on let us know.  If you have questions or disagree feel free to comment or write us at


giant donut 2015 after

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