Is Greek Yogurt Healthy? Only If You Don’t Play These 2 Diet Games – Also, Which is Best?

greek yogurt

The above list can be used to evaluate ANY Yogurt, Greek or otherwise by simply comparing the nutritional profile of your choice with the info in the list above.  However, it’s safe to say that you can hardly go wrong with most Fage Greek Yogurt choices if you can avoid 2 of dieters’ favorite games:

GAME 1 – The “Hunger” Game:    Players don’t kill each other but it’s a painful game nonetheless.  They don’t enjoy greek yogurt much and would never eat it if not on a diet,  but choke it down to avoid eating pizza or chocolate – then think to themselves “well at least it fills me up!”  RESULTS:  NOT HEALTHY as you ultimately eat your yogurt and wash it down a few hours later with pizza and chocolate.

GAME 2 –  The Cold Stone Creamery Game: Players take one of the healthy greek yogurt choices above as the starting point for their snack.  Mix-ins are then liberally added such as fruit, nuts, granola, sprinkles, chocolate chips and who knows what else.  Apparently bonus points are awarded if you say that you’re adding high carb fruit like bananas,  along with nuts or granola because they’re “healthy”.  RESULTS: NOT HEALTHY as you’ve now created a snack that rivals the nutritional content of this signature creation with only a fraction of the satisfaction value.

Greek Yogurt as well as other varieties can be an incredibly helpful part of your weekly menu for weight loss, fitness and an amazing relationship with food; IF you don’t play diet games and try to sub it or load it up in a futile effort to replace other foods you wish you were eating.  Of course you can mix-in with your yogurt (I do)–but be aware of the carbs, calories and fat you’re mixing in! (I do this too!) 

Here’s more:  EET Fitness recently did posts on the huge differences in nutritional profiles for Fiber One Cereals and followed that up with Protein and Granola Bars—   in case you missed it here’s the tables from those posts – again just compare the nutritional profile of your preferred choices to the options listed on the charts:


Fiber one cereal gridFiber one bars chart


EET hopes you find the above charts and info helpful.  If there are other foods you’d like to see a chart on let us know.  If you have questions or disagree feel free to comment or write us at


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Email is  More info on EET’s website



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