Study: Diet Soda Makes Obese Fatter AND NEJM Study Says It Makes Skinny Skinnier

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Yesterday, all hell broke loose in the world of weight loss and fitness.  A new study has concluded that diet soda holds the key to the obesity crisis because — DIET SODA MAKES YOU FAT.  Time to give it up?  Well major headlines by major media seem to think so — For example – here’s trusted TIME Magazine’s Headline :

What Diet Soda Does to Belly Fat: More evidence that diet soda contributes to weight gain, not weight loss

But some powerful voices in the blogosphere weren’t so sure:  I woke up this morning to this from one of my favorite bloggers, obesity researcher Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, who tore the study a new one for its lack of controls and questionable correlations:

What I Learned Actually Reading That New Diet Soda Waist Gain Study

So, what’s a Diet Mountain Dew lover to believe?  We’d like to add a few facts to the debate to help you decide:

1) Details you should know about the new diet soda study right from the study’s abstract:


San Antonio, Texas, neighborhoods.


SALSA examined 749 Mexican-American and European-American individuals aged 65 and older at baseline (baseline, 1992–96); 474 (79.1%) survivors completed follow-up 1 (FU1, 2000–01), 413 (73.4%) completed FU2 (2001–03), and 375 (71.0%) completed FU3 (2003–04). Participants completed a mean of 2.64 follow-up intervals, for 9.4 total follow-up years

Now, I’ve loved San Antonio for 17 years thanks to one Mr. Tim Duncan, but, you have to wonder if limiting the study to 749 people with specific ethnic backgrounds and only getting half (375 of those people to follow up) by the study’s end provides reliable conclusions on which to base eating decisions.

2)  This quote summarizing the study’s findings directly from the Time Magazine article:

“Researchers in the new study found that belly-fat gain was most pronounced in people who were already overweight.”

3)  This chart from the 2011 Study from the New England Journal of Medicine study that covered over 100,000 non obese people from all over the place for over 20 YEARS clearly shows a correlation with WEIGHT LOSS for those drinking diet soda

nejm nurses study results

Read more about this important New England Journal of Medicine Study –just click on title/link:

Potato Chips, 100,000 Nurses & NEJM Obesity Study = Cure For My Candy Binges?


There are conflicting studies about diet soda, just as there are about every food group that’s been studied.  Maybe it’s not the food itself but the TIMES you eat them?  EET and science are just sayin.  But, the media needs headlines that sell, so they’ll print whatever gets you to read.  You’re going to have to dig deeper if you want the whole story.

As far as EET Fitness is concerned, until there is consistent and overwhelming clinical and scientific evidence in favor of a position like you can find here and here, the decision about drinking diet soda should be based on two key factors:

1)  Do you ENJOY it?   and

2)  An understanding of how your body metabolizes diet soda and other info from EET Guideline #23  A Toast to Alcohol and Artificial Sweeteners

For more information on The EET Fitness Plan and EET’s completely new solutions for Employee Wellness Plans, contact us at

At least the new study didn’t correlate giant donuts with obesity so I’m good :-).


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