Read This Email To EET Fitness Client – Resulted in 5 Pounds Weight Loss in 1 WEEK.

better timing better food = better results

There is no other weight loss and fitness plan like EET (Eating and Exercise Timing) Fitness.  Here’s some proof.  This ACTUAL email below helped one of our great clients lose 5 pounds last week.

First, a little background on how EET’s VERY UNIQUE online personal training works:

1)  Weekly Meeting (skype, face time or phone) to set up a weekly “game plan” tailored to the events and issues happening this week, keeping each client’s unique long-term goals in mind.  Often followed up by summary emails like the one below.

2)   Live Your Life  If the game plan is well constructed, it will be easy to execute.  For times when it’s not, EET’s Guidelines offer instant help for every situation where challenges arise.

3) Follow-Up Support  When needed, follow up emails, texts and calls are available for additional guidance.

Okay, here’s the email sent to this client (been a great EETer for a while, has seen steady success).  I’ve edited the email to protect  confidentiality, but the message content is unchanged:

1)  weigh ins — we want to know how our strategies effect your weight on the scale — there’s no good or bad with a weigh in — and  we definitely don’t want to obsess about it, but I would hate to think we’re making adjustments to a plan that has you losing weight!  or not making changes to one that is slowing your weight loss down!  so make it a priority to get your weigh ins on tuesday and friday –even if the scale is off — we can still compare +1 or -2 or whatever and be sure we are heading in the right direction

2)  Food choices — I feel you learned a valuable lesson over the last few weeks — you went away from a food you truly love (chocolate chip cookies) and that was satisfying you and put in a Paleo Energy Bar, which I’m sure you believe (or believed hopefully!) is healthier when in fact that bar is not all that different from a stick of butter in terms of it’s incredibly high fat- and not nearly as satisfying to you!   How is that healthier??  
EET works because you select the foods you love most and we build our eating and exercise strategy around those foods — in order for this to truly work long term you must work on accepting that you are on a TIMING plan and that eliminates distinctions between healthy and unhealthy foods 
There are NO unhealthy foods, only unhealthy TIMES.
And if we can find a food to add to your lunch that takes away those sweet tooth cravings at 4:30 PM–then it’s possible that chocolate chip cookies at lunch TIME are the healthiest food in your entire plan!  (that’s certainly how ice cream works for me anyhow)
So — let’s get something amazing in your lunch that you can enjoy (we’re using 300 calories and let’s say 30 carbs as a guideline but don’t feel married to it–it really needs to taste amazing to you and be satisfying–much more important)
Finally, Remember
I told you way back when you need to hear this stuff over and over, so there you go 🙂
Not exactly “eat less and move more” now, is it?   Congrats to our awesome EETer who’s now 5 pounds lighter (per the client, it was actually 6 but who’s counting! 🙂 ) after just a week of eating MORE amazing foods they love at the right times!

Email us at if you want to develop your own personalized LONG TERM weight loss and fitness program

And speaking of unique new ways to succeed in our weight loss and fitness efforts….

go easy fitness cover Boot camp

We are in the process of getting some reviews of our new fitness book, and have already gotten some great and helpful feedback we’ll share soon!

Those interested can now also take a  “look inside” on Amazon HERE –you can read the intro and contents and get a feel for the book.  If you do buy it and it’s not formatted well on your device, shoot us an email at and we can send you the PDF at no extra cost of course.

More about Go Easy Fitness coming soon.


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  Questions?  Contact us at     Click here if you want to sign up for EET.


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