What is a Behavioral Diet for Weight Loss and Why Should You Care?

20yo yo behavioral factors

The New England Journal of Medicine’s 2009 Ultimate study of studies determined that it doesn’t matter if you watched calories, carbs or fats.  Success on a diet is determined by how you manage your behaviors once you decide to go on a diet.


endless decisions about behavior

The short answer is sometimes you can, and sometimes you can’t, but very few people take this fact into consideration when setting a weight loss goal.  They become convinced they have to follow their diet’s dogmatic rules or they are failing.  This would be like a baseball player going to bat with the REQUIREMENT of a hit every time, or they will quit the game.  Strike outs are part of the game and all successful players accept this and try to learn from their failures.  Superstars just want to get more hits than strike outs to succeed!

Most nutritional dieters don’t behave this way.  As the slide above illustrates, success on a diet is far more involved than the BIG decision to go on a diet.  From that moment forward, every day, dieters are faced with endless situations that challenge that BIG decision. Your reaction to each challenge provides feedback that directly effects the original BIG decision to go on that particular diet. This cycle only ends when you decide to change your BIG decision — In other words: to change what you define as acceptable behaviors yet again.  

BOTTOM LINE:  Learning how to manage your behaviors in situations that threaten your BIG decision to diet is the key to diet success, both short and long term.  In other words, learning how to cope with and learn from strike outs is the key to becoming a great hitter–but you have to be willing to allow the behavior of striking out first!

The NEJM said as much in 2009.  It’s now 2015 and dieters are still chasing diet after diet after a strike out or two when the Behavioral Diet has been the answer all along  — maybe it’s time you care about learning this science backed focus for success?

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