I’m Ashamed: Food Babe Proves I Teach EET For Weight Loss, Fitness All Wrong!

food babe mcdonalds

I ate a couple of McDoubles last night so this post from someone who calls herself the Food Babe caught my eye:

This Is For Everyone That Still Eats at McDonald’s (Even if they won’t admit it!)

Go read it if you like–it’s got tons of shares, views and comments, but you already know exactly what it says, right?  The internet is loaded with articles like this every day and has been for years.  Most of the comments on that post are avid followers (lotsa “love ya, food babe!”) proudly boasting about never going to McDonald’s and confirming how horrible it is.  It’s all complete bullshit and you can read my reply to Food Babe at the end of this post (along with someone who replied to me), but that’s not the point.

The point finally hit home for me (after YEARS) that this garbage about food groups and chemicals being the cause of obesity and poor health is WHAT PEOPLE WANT TO HEAR!

This is a huge deal for me — and has profoundly changed my thinking FOREVER.

I tell dieters every day to stop beating their heads against the wall with the same strategies.   I back up my advice with Facts, figures and real long-term results.  I even share some of my most amazing science-backed secrets that have helped cure diabetics, worked for 100’s and kept me below my high school weight for seven years at age 52 on a completely unrestricted diet.

Very few are listening, even fewer seem to care.

Meanwhile, experts like the Food Babe, along with the other fear mongers out there keep racking up followers (and money I’m sure) telling the public exactly what they want to hear —

“It’s not you, it’s McDonalds (or sugary beverages, or GMO’s, gluten, refined carbs  etc).  That’s why we have an obesity and health epidemic!”  

I get it now…my message implies the solution has to come from within you, something almost no one wants to hear.  I’m honestly ashamed that it took me so long.  Shit, Jim Gaffigan is helping more people than me.

I’ve spent years telling yo-yo dieters who have tried and failed at every restrictive diet that gets popular  — “if you keep trying the same approach and end up with the same results (or worse), isn’t it clearly time to try something completely different?”

At least I can stop wondering why most keep trying harder and harder to use strategies that experts insist are necessary to “eat healthy” that are  overwhelming and undeniable failures.  In the bizarre, twisted world of weight loss and fitness, it’s an easier plan to follow when you know you’ll have someone else to blame for yet another failure you’re sure is headed your way.





March 29, 2015

Thanks for this article as it makes me feel so much better about eating my beloved mcdoubles at McDonalds!! You read that right. Mcdonakds is awesome.

Why? Well. People are abandoning McDonalds in droves and sales are falling while at the same time obesity and diabetes continue to skyrocket. Its clear McDonalds is a far healthier choice than yoga mat subway or whole foods whose sales have skyrocketed right with obesity and diabetes. How people can’t see the correlation is beyond me.

Please get back to me when you have conclusive studies that the chemicals at McDonalds actually are directly linked to disease. My blood readings and health have never been better at age 52 and McDonalds is a very enjoyable part of my diet. Meanwhile all your followers can be busy dealing with the listeria caused by Amy’s delicious and healthy ORGANIC spinach.

Jon pearlstone
Founder. EET fitness


  • hall (to jon)

    March 29, 2015I’ve been trying to point out the dangers of eating organic foods for a while. Nobody ever responds.



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