Become an Exercise Ninja: 5 Simple NEW Rules That Made Me Love Daily Exercise

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I love my daily exercise routine.  Rest days are extremely rare (like once a YEAR).

Now, before you assume I’m some super motivated exercise finatic, consider that for over 20 years before discovering EET Fitness, I would take MONTHS at a time off exercise (aka yo-yo exercising), and even when I was working out regularly I swore by the need for rest days.

So, my love of daily exercise was LEARNED in the last several years, and I believe you can learn it too.  The key is to practice these 5 simple rules (listed from least to most important):

me jumping on tv show

RULE 5  Become an Exercise Ninja

Just like the ninja fights successfully with whatever weapons are available at the time,  I’ve developed a wide variety of incredibly flexible exercise routines I can do anywhere, anytime, in any situation with or without equipment.

I’ve establishing 2 basic science-backed (to make sure they’re effective) exercise structures that allow me to build an INSTANT exercise routine:

then pick one of EET’s two basic exercise formats

These work at home, in the gym with cardio or resistance equipment, outside, on a staircase, a hill, a park, an out of the way sidewalk, a rocky beach or open field (rocks make great weights!).   In addition, my routines are built to instantly adapt to how I’m feeling.  Simple adjustments are made to keep exercise effective if I’m feeling sick or sore (very rarely), stressed or just lazy (all the time!).

And, just like a ninja is a master of stealth, I don’t like being watched when I exercise, so I’ve developed routines that keep me out of sight in public workouts (For example: I  have several routines at the Golden Gate Bridge and other crowded public places that avoid people almost completely!).  Plus, in case the situation calls for it,  I can always bring along very stealthy weapons like a wire jump rope, or a few resistance bands to provide even more options.

My exercise ninja status makes it impossible to ever have a legitimate excuse not to exercise.  That’s good, but the other 4 rules are even better because they eliminate any desire for me to WANT to skip daily exercise!

NEXT:  RULE 4  Become an Exercise Doctor.

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