Be an Exercise Dr: 5 Simple Rules To Love Exercise MY Blood Readings 2007-14

triglycerides 2007 2014

These are my 5 simple rules I believe everyone can adopt to help you love daily exercise with no rest days:

RULE 5  Become an Exercise Ninja  (covered in prior post)

RULE 4  Become an Exercise Doctor

blood glucose 2007 2014

From age 45-52 where most watch their health readings deteriorate,  every one of mine has improved over the last 7 years.

blood pressure 2007 2014

The most important takeaway for you?

By becoming an “Exercise Doctor” I’ve learned how to use Eating and Exercise Timing (EET) to control, improve and maintain each specific health reading I value — while eating a completely unrestricted diet! 

weight 2007 2014


I think the graphs above and below prove this quite nicely — but here’s a summary anyhow:

  • Seven years eating a completely unrestricted diet
  • Eating all the foods I love in the portions I love
  • Applying exercise as needed to maintain and improve all of my health readings
  • Constantly learning new ways to improve each reading, and prevent injury and illness with no sacrifice of food.
  • Proving that long-term weight loss, fitness and an amazing relationship with food is possible for me AND OTHERS

These results built around a lifestyle I truly enjoy make me love and appreciate every exercise session.  And these amazing benefits can only happen when you become an Exercise Doctor!

cholesterol 2007 2014

For more “Exercise Doctor” history, you can read about my cholesterol adventures here:

Mr. EET Lowers Cholesterol 53 pts in 5 WEEKS w/KFC, Long John Silvers, More

NEXT:  RULE 3  Go Hard as Long as It’s Easy

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