5 Simple Rules To Love Exercise: Go Hard As Long As It’s Easy

1 minute stretch tam

These are my 5 simple rules I believe everyone can adopt to help you love daily exercise with no rest days:

RULE 5  Become an Exercise Ninja  (covered in prior post)

RULE 4  Become an Exercise Doctor

RULE 3  Go Hard As Long As It’s Easy

jump rope with will

How do you stick with an exercise program for years (or life)?  Make it EASY.  How?  Find effective exercise routines you want to do consistently.  Then, every day, GO EASY:

EASY = NEVER risking injury while going as hard as you can for as long as you want to.

Here are a few tips to help you find your EASY daily workout routine:

  • If you’re focused and truly going hard, it’s rare to feel like any routine longer than 30 minutes is EASY.
  • Some days, your body or mind will tell you 1-2 minutes is all that sounds EASYListen.

anthony mason before after

 Tragically, like most people, NBA superstar Anthony Mason’s desire to endure painful exercise did not last

Don’t be fooled by superstar athletes and hard bodies who tell the only way to succeed is to suck it up and push past your limits.  Most are young and can’t see that enduring hours of painful exercise 3-5 days a week for the next 30-50 YEARS is not a lifestyle most people want or can sustain – especially after age 50.

Simply go as hard as you can as long as it’s EASY and soon you’ll wonder why it took you so long to love daily exercise! 

For more on easy exercise you can check out EET’s Exercise Book:  Go Easy Fitness (free preview)

go easy fitness cover Boot camp

NEXT:  RULE 2  Demand NOTHING From Exercise

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