5 Simple Rules To Love Exercise: Demand Nothing From Exercise

expectation beer bottles

Hope, pray, beg, plead, want, encourage, or anticipate results from it, but; whatever you do, never DEMAND anything from your exercise efforts.

These are my 5 simple rules I believe everyone can adopt to help you love daily exercise with no rest days:

RULE 5  Become an Exercise Ninja  (covered in prior post)

RULE 4  Become an Exercise Doctor

RULE 3  Go Hard As Long As It’s Easy

RULE 2 Demand Nothing From Exercise

changes the sails

Most people exercise to look and feel better.  Others skillfully use exercise to dramatically improve health markers.  Still others use it strategically to keep them fit while eating an unrestricted diet :-).

Whatever your motive, you won’t exercise consistently for the next 10 – 50+ years if you demand specific results.  It just doesn’t work that way.  Of course you can make your best effort to reach your goals, and you can really really want to see results. But:

  • How long do you give yourself to meet your demands?
  • What happens if your demands are not met?  Push Harder?  Quit?
  • What happens after you DO achieve them?  Demand More?  And More?

Timing is everything, so think about the impact of demanding results over time

  • The next 6 weeks
  • The next year
  •  5 years
  •  25 years?

If you’ve achieved amazing fitness today by demanding results — did this approach to fitness “work” if you get hurt or burned out and are half as fit a year from now?  If you’re miserable because of the restrictions and demands of your amazing fitness?

Fit, fat or in between, we’ve all got a long way to go not matter where you are today.

Why exactly do I exercise?  

Because I hope and pray to do effective exercise as often as needed that delivers a very long, healthy and HAPPY life.

But it’s against my rules to add the impossible expectations that come with demanding it.


  Questions?  Contact us at  eetfit@gmail.com     


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