Can I Relate To Your Weight Loss And Fitness Journey? You Decide – Here’s Mine

me in high school

I grew up on that borderline between fit and fat.  My exercise efforts were inconsistent, but one thing was constant:  My love of junk food and huge portions.  I fondly remember huge bottles of coke after school, and Mom stocking the pantry with Pepperidge Farm Cookies.  I would routinely pound 2-3 McDoubles then head home for dinner. I just kept right on looking like an ordinary, average guy.

Then, around age 25, it happened.  I’m now married with a kid, a mortgage and working 80 hours a week.  I noticed my pants were a bit tighter.  First thought, “Give up the junk food and go on a diet”.  I started counting calories and eating more fruits and vegetables and lost that weight almost immediately.  “Whew, glad that’s over” I foolishly thought.  It was far from over.  It began a cycle of gaining weight then dieting to fight those extra pounds.  I held my own for several years.

In my early 30’s, my luck ran out.  I fought harder by exercising endlessly with hours of weights and mountain biking.  I obsessively looked for ways to burn more calories and tried lots of diets that called for healthier choices and reducing portions.  Complete disaster.  I’d end up stuffing my face before bed nightly. And the weight just kept on coming.  When the scale confirmed I had gained 25 pounds I officially decided I’d had enough.  No more weigh-ins for me!

My unexpected transformation began at age 45.  I was coaching a high school football team and was the strength and conditioning coach.  One day, I’m closing up the weight room.  I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  I was fat!  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  “I’ve got to do something!”  I came up with an idea out of sheer desperation.

“I’ll put together the Team’s summer conditioning program, and I’ll suck it up and do it with them”.  Then I had the thought that changed my life:  “If I don’t see MEASURABLE results after that, I’m done.”  I meant it too. It all came down to this.  I started preparing.

dynamic core developmenet

My “hail mary” – The 2008 conditioning program website

Shortly after my weight room revelation, I’m the stands at my son’s spring football practice at UCLA.   When it ended, something strange caught my eye.  Trainers passed out Muscle Milk Protein Shakes and demanded the players drink them immediately.  I asked my son why.  He said, “Nutrient timing.  You’re supposed to have lots of carbs and protein right after exercise during the two hour “metabolic window”.  It helps us recover faster to handle two-a-days”.

I’m like, “Holy crap!  If protein and carbs help recovery right after exercise, couldn’t you eat ice cream or fast food?  Now, there’s a diet I think I could stay with!”  Guess what?  I was right!  I moved ahead with my summer exercise program, but I also “timed” feasts including all the foods I loved right after my workouts.  And I saw results.  I lost 15 pounds and got a lot stronger!  That was the birth of Eating and Exercise Timing (EET).   Of course, there’s a lot more to the story, like nutrition needs and finding better, shorter ways to exercise.  There’s no way I could stay with a grueling football conditioning plan forever!

giant donut 2015 after

It’s now been seven years since I discovered EET.  From ages 45-52, while most peoples’ weight and health are deteriorating,  I’ve successfully managed my weight, fitness and health without giving up foods or portions I love and without tracking a single calorie or hours of painful exercise. Just Timing.   And, as great as it feels to be healthy, fit and free to eat without restrictions later in life, I get far more satisfaction from helping others!  For the last five years as a trainer and fitness consultant, I’ve found my life’s passion:  Helping people just like me who have struggled for years and feel miserable about it achieve lasting results while ending guilt about loving food.  


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