The Twisted Logic Of Food Nazi Idiots For Quality of Life? NY Times Ice Cream Feature

ice cream sando

“The ice cream was brown sugar molasses, with a lovely, almost subliminal bitterness holding the sweetness in check between blocks of exceptionally dark, chewy brownie”

Pompous called the NY Times Food Writer of these words to find out how it could reach this level once thought only achieved by wine critics.

Sheesh– Wannabe foodies–they truly sicken me.  Get back to me when you can eat it without guilt or wondering how many hours you’ll suffer on the treadmill to justify “loving” it or if diabetes or cancer is going to kill you first because you ate it.

The Ice Cream Sandwich Comes of Age — New York Times

sugar addictive

Sweet Poison:  How Sugar, not Cocaine is one of the most Addictive and Dangerous Substances – New York Times

Every day, people rave about the amazing food they’ve eaten at the hottest new restaurants, recipes they tried or what they saw on the Food Network.

Every day, many of the same people rave about the harm that foods loaded with sugar and fats cause.

Yet, most of these amazing foods they are raving about are loaded with sugar and fats.

So amazing food is amazing, and we all want to be part of the “in crowd” that loves it.  But you shouldn’t eat it.


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disclaimer oct 2012


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