The ONE Rule Followed By EVERY EET Fitness Long Term (4-5+ years) Weight Loss Success Story

success stories

EET Fitness has many guidelines to help in every situation (travel, holidays, stress, etc), but there is only ONE key SCIENCE BACKED RULE from EET that every one of our many multi-year success stories applies religiously (not perfectly, but religiously):

find what works stick with it EET never ends–just like life and your need to eat never ends until you die–some people who try EET for a short time (even after 2 years which is a short time given how long we need results!) simply keep deciding EET can end and turn it into their own plan (we call it __________(insert your first initial)EET).  

There has always been one and only EET Fitness Plan since 2008– but now there are many “sort of EET plans” tweaked by those who try EET and can’t believe THAT EET HAS ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NO RESTRICTIONS.  You simply always keep EET Guidelines in mind in your eating and exercise decisions. Our long-term success stories get it, and that is the main reason they are long term success stories!

This one Rule is why in EET’s Book you’ll find Guideline #1  Yo-yo Must Go!  Read it here for free….

Notice there’s no mention of specific nutrition, which foods you should avoid, how much exercise, how many calories or carbs you eat or even when you’ll eat them.  That’s because defining those things rigidly in a diet is a recipe for FAILURE.  Successful EETers know they will constantly be adjusting every part of their plan to achieve and maintain results.  Everything, including TIMING, is flexible to keep you comfortably sticking with your EET plan.

That’s EET’s secret to unparalleled lasting results.  If you can do it, then you can see lasting results without ever asking for help from an EET Trainer.

When you find you can’t after years of trying to reach your goals using diets focused on fast weight loss through deprivation and restriction, don’t get frustrated and whatever you do, don’t give up.  It’s simply time to ask for help, because EET can deliver!

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