What Exactly is Wellness? Does Your Employee Wellness Program Work?

spending on wellness plans

EET Fitness is on an endless mission to learn and apply what works for lasting weight loss, fitness, health and an amazing relationship with food.

Lately, our quest has taken us to the world of Employee Wellness Programs.  Why?  Well, about half of US workers are being offered some sort of Wellness Program.  That’s like 80 million people who have corporations investing billions per year (see graph above) to help make them more “well”.  And with 15-20 years of efforts already in the books, Employee Wellness Plans now provide the largest research study in the history of the universe!

So many people, so much invested, where to begin?  Let’s start with a few key questions so we know what we’re dealing with:

What exactly is “Wellness”?

“Wellness is “an active process of becoming aware of and learning to make choices (healthy choices),” says Wellness Proposals, an independent wellness consultant. Wellness means more than simply not being ill; it focuses on keeping your body in good condition so it runs more efficiently and you stay well longer. True wellness is proactive; recognize that you have mental, physical and social needs to operate at top functionality.”

What exactly is a “Wellness Program” 

“A wellness program is any program implemented by an employer to improve the health of its labor force. A good wellness program also helps “individual employees overcome specific health-related issues,” reports Gaebler. You can provide mandatory staff training, employee seminars or even operate through a third-party provider with a range of programs. Often, employers are willing to foot the bill because health and wellness directly affect productivity and profits”

Do you agree with these definitions?  What changes would you make?  It’s not a small question.  80 Million lives are directly effected to some extent by how each company decides to define the term “wellness”

We’ve found a whole lot of information from employers and experts that we’ll be sharing about these plans, but for now, we’d love to hear your views and experiences on Employee Wellness Plans.  What’s your take?  What works? What doesn’t?  Share your views and experiences of this unprecedented effort to help everyone achieve “wellness”!

source of definitions What Is an Employee Wellness Program?



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