Curing Binges by Stress Eating Using Sweet and Salty Combos and EET Timing!

binge cure

So here’s how it went down.  Massive stress to start my week and suddenly late last night there is was again:  The overwhelming urge to binge.   See, I love food.  It comforts me and makes me happy to eat it.  A LOT of it.  So it only makes sense that when everything else seems to be going wrong, my body is gonna steer me towards the one thing that feels right–AMAZING FOOD IN MASSIVE QUANTITIES.  I see nothing wrong with that, because there is nothing wrong with that!  So, off to the kitchen I went….

Here were my thoughts, as always based around the two keys to my Eating Philosophy:

KEY #1 TIMING:  I really want to eat a lot, but my weekly EET Timing Plan did not anticipate a late night binge.  No way am I fighting this urge, it’s TIME to eat!  So, what should I eat to make this a satisfying binge?

KEY #2 SATISFACTION:    I knew my binge would include

  • Protein – at least 10g
  • Fiber –     at least 5 g
  • Veggies   at least 1 serving
  • Water     at least 1 large glass
  • CARBS — unlimited and unrestricted amount to be determined

I didn’t think about anything but the carbs consciously.   After 7 years of following EET I’ve trained myself to only eat in meals that include 10-5-1-1 and since a binge is nothing more than another time to eat, it’s going to be a meal.  So the only question for me was what “carby” items to eat to make this meal incredibly satisfying, and complete another successful EET Binge.

YES.  In the world of EET, you can successfully binge.  You don’t need to exercise first. or after, in fact I would advise against it with rare exceptions.  Binging successfully is a required skill imho if you’re going to truly love food right along with your weight loss and fitness plan for life.  Otherwise, your efforts will forever be doomed to the following source of never-ending stress and unhappiness:

  • Cognitive Dissonance: The mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values (EET translation: want to lose weight, but want to eat a lot!).  Source: Wikipedia

Anyhow, back to a more enjoyable topic:  my binge!  My first thought for carb satisfaction was the massive amount of candy “in stock” (gotta love those easter blowouts!).  However, I immediately ruled that out because I knew no amount could ever satsify me.  I actually heard myself saying my little mantra to remind me of prior unsatisfying candy binges: “Candy is the road to nowhere”.   I made it to the kitchen still unsure, so I started my binge by cooking a low fat sausage and some veggies I enjoy.  No need to rush through this–I like to ENJOY every bite of food I eat, binge or otherwise.  While cooking I started poking around looking for that food or foods that could prove WORTHY of my binging upon them.

I  saw the last of Mrs. EET’s home baked M and M Cookies and my mouth started seriously watering.  BINGO!  That would be a part of the binge action!  But I didn’t grab and start wolfing down cookies.  How is that satisfying?  I knew a couple of cookies could be a part of an amazing meal,  and truly WANTED to wait until I had the entire binge mapped out before indulging.  I was effortlessly WAITING.  This meant I was practicing an incredibly valuable EET Timing skill during a binge!

A few minutes later the sausage was done.  I’m still looking for that missing link (haha) to allow me to enjoy my binge as much as possible. How do you enjoy a binge?  Easy:

  • Enjoyable Binge:  You eat just enough food to be satisfied, and you can stop without feeling guilt or later regret because you “minimized the damage”.

I’m busy opening and closing cabinets and the fridge and freezer looking for that missing ingredient to ice another winning binge, and I’ll admit, I was starting to get a bit anxious. “Just wait Jon….Amazing food is on the way….”  Suddenly, there it was:  SWEET AND SALTY COMBOS!   Absolutely perfect!  Why?

  • I could fill a measuring cup with them and feel like it’s a lot of food
  • I could take my time savoring them without feeling like I’m trying to follow silly “chew your food slowly” advice.  Most foods I like to eat fast and I’m not going to fight that!
  • They taste great but I don’t love them all that much, so they fit perfectly into my binge meal because they would be my “finisher” that I could eat for a long TIME and then tell myself to stop eating.
  • NOT FORCE MYSELF.  TELL MYSELF.  If I needed to eat more after the combos, I most certainly would have.  But, by thinking of binges in terms of TIME spent eating, I was confident this would be enough TIME and SATISFACTION from amazing food that I loved to happily stop eating.

combos cup

The morning after, evidence of my successful binge


Fantastically successful!    I ate my meal and felt great about it.  Why shouldn’t I?   I was eating foods I enjoy in the amounts I enjoy – EET’s most famous claim to fame (well not exactly fame yet, but whatever…).  I stopped comfortably and easily after the last combo (it was a caramel creme for those keeping score).  It’s important and very comforting to note that I don’t have my weekly official weigh in scheduled until Saturday after my exercise so my chances of losing weight this week are still very good.   And I finally got around to enjoying those Sweet and Salty Combos because they weren’t doing it for me during my normal high carb meals.  I hate seeing amazing food wasted!


cover art ice cream on side (2)



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One thought on “Curing Binges by Stress Eating Using Sweet and Salty Combos and EET Timing!

  1. OMG! I had such a binge as you explained here! Complete with the thoughts “hang on, hang on! Good food is coming!” “Limit the damage” But I also added “Find the beginning, middle and (very importantly) end of the meal/binge!”
    My solution, chopped up leftover roasted chicken, mushrooms, sweet red pepper, artichoke hearts (nibbled some while chopping) & cheese toasted on a fiber wrap with GIA RUSSA brand HOT SPICY ROASTED RED PEPPER SPREAD! OMG! That stuff is like the best thing I’ve ever eaten! It’s very low carb, very low fat and super delish! I think it’s extra wonderful with chicken. Then, I ended the meal with dark chocolate coated almonds (only 1/3 cup) to totally satisfy the sweet & salty binge!
    It was totally a wonderful binge/meal!
    Thanks, Jon & EET. I’m finding my feet again.

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