Greatest Weight Loss Study NEVER Told $170 Million 10 Year Obesity Failure

results slide from tv show

 The video below covers details of the largest, most comprehensive controlled weight loss study ever:  The Look AHEAD Study.  Ever hear of it?  Probably not.  This video explains why.

Before the clear findings of the 2009 NEJM “Study of Studies” on the entire obese population, in 2001,  The Look AHEAD (Action for Health in Diabetes) Study began.   It was scheduled for an astounding 12 years, testing 5000 participants prescreened for motivation.   The study invested $170 million dollars to create and properly staff 17 newly created health centers around the country to see if “this time could be different” for Type 2 Diabetics whose lives depend on managing their weight.  The results were carefully tracked for nearly 10 years (even body fat %!).  Every “proven” method for lasting weight loss was utilized and put to the ultimate test.  Examples include:

  • Calorie Restriction Diets
  • Portion Control and Prepackaged Portions
  • Behavioral Counseling
  • Motivation and team incentives (campaigns)
  • Group Support from provided by the best obesity, nutrition and exercise experts
  • Exercise Requirements
  • Activity Requirements

How’d it go and what does it mean to you?  Here’s a sneak preview then please watch the video because EET Fitness believes you need to know the truth about the long-term costs of restrictive diets and science has spoken (again)….

stopped for futility

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